I was just trolling the SL Marketplace, like I always do, and happen to find one of my comic book heros: Woman Woman! Adrianna Marquez of A & K Designs offers up this fantastic costume for only ONE LINDEN. Here’s the direct link to the bargin, before she gets wind of this post:

The costume is well done and I have no idea why she has it listed for so cheap. The suit is damn near accurate to the real thing, the Lasso of Truth is simply done, and the bracelets and tiara are totally fun!

I don’t know if I have ever discussed my love of comic books, but I find them gems overlooked by most of society. I remember reading Wonder Woman when I was a teen and watching her on TV in the cartoon The Justice League of America. They battled the Legion of Doom usually headed by Lex Luthor. Damn BALDY! It was so cool to watch her in her invisible jet and see her be as much of a bad ass a Superman. Later, I would read about Supes and Wonder Woman falling in love in Frank Miller‘s The Dark Knight Returns.

I guess what I am saying is she was an icon for this anti-social little girl. She presented a moral aptitude that I aimed to achieve. She was a hero for women that didn’t compromise or use a sexuality to manipulate. I really admire that, even if I had no idea back when I was 15 what it meant.

I don’t have kids, but maybe if YOU do… you could show them some old JLA cartoons online. I’m sure DC Comics hasn’t harvested them all off the web yet for copyright infringement.

Peace, Love, and Feminism,

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2 thoughts on “GREAT HERA!

  1. Mitchookie says:

    Frankly, when I was a kid, I thought it was very brave of her to fly in her invisible plane wearing short shorts/skirts so anyone could just look up and see her unmentionables. She was all “flying too fast for you to see the goods A-holes”, so what did she care. But I was all “Um but what if they see my hooch?” Okay, I’m sorry. I’ve had too much tequila.

  2. M. Vaughan says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! Well played, sweets!

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