Mother Goose, she said!

Mother Goose is the place for any ALT or new avie. It’s a mecca of freebie skins. While standing here for 5 minutes, I was able to pick up 7 new skins off of First Letter boards alone. I  also found a wonderful new skin, Clara, that I bought for $600L. Clara came with eight versions of the skin (4 blush types and each with or without showing teeth), a shape and two makeups. Quite impressive!!

Clara Skin - $600L

It just goes to show you that you don’t have to drop like 2K in lindens just to get a skin!

First Letter Freebie Board

Sadly, they aren’t on SL Marketplace but it should just inspire your ass to teleport over to the store. Here is the SLurl:

All the FREE skins I won in 5 minutes.

So help a friend out today by telling them about Mother Goose OOOOOR you could go there yourself and drop some cash. It sorta makes you feel guilty getting all those skins for free, or maybe that’s me. As Tori says, “I’ve got enough guilt to start my own religion.

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3 thoughts on “Mother Goose, she said!

  1. Ruina Kessel says:

    Yay for a Mother Goose’s post! I love the skins so much, in particular because each one looks so different, even on the same shape. it’s refreshing to see different skinlines have more differences than just skintone. :)

  2. Poo Rang says:

    Kisses to Mother Goose! I wear the beaten lady one quite often :)

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