Rockabilly slash Lisbeth Salander

I don’t think my inventory is really equipped to be doing the job of SL fashion blogger. Honestly, I have been out of the loop for ages and hardly know where anyone “shops” these days.

So maybe what I’m doing is just reminding you of what you might already own, but forgot about… or maybe even something you once missed. Frankly, nothing I am wearing in this post is at all new or thrilling. I can say that the black pants are a staple in my SL wardrobe. I got them by accident a year ago and have been loving them ever since. They make me feel like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Lisbeth Salander). Sometimes I enjoy the feeling of being under estimated.

Well, I hope you’re not too offended by my mediocrity.

skin – Sand Shack Surf Co., Zinc Oxide – Photo Booth
hair – Truth, Deanne – espresso (FREE)
hair base – BOON, gathered raised – chocolate
glasses – Dark Mouse Jewelry & Hair, Cateye – Marilyn
smoke – NSD, cigarette black
tattoo – Acid & Mala, Dragon Tattoo
top – rotten toe, Doll Blouse, pink
bottom – rotten toe, skinny pants black – zippers low
shoes – Kalnins, Dante

PLEASE NOTE: This post is meant to be self-deprecating. Each of the designs shown here are wonderful and full endorse. Please buy them all today.

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3 thoughts on “Rockabilly slash Lisbeth Salander

  1. you look so fookin cute! <333

  2. Elle Couerblanc says:

    That top is amazing!

  3. M. Vaughan says:

    Rotten Toe has some really good clothing. It’s more in the genre of circus and horror – but I really like the store. The designer is lovely too and usually a pig avie.

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