Cool Shit from Project FUR

DuckNipple's "Foxer" outfit in black

Dude – you get it all! Top, bottom, shoes and necklace. This outfit knocked my socks off when I put it on. beanster Potato really went out of her way at a insanely reasonable price of L$295. Definitely a must-have on the FUR scene.

PIDIDDLE's "Serengeti Lingerie Set" and Dream Doll's "Kitty Toe Warmers"

Brutus’ lingerie has been all the rage lately, so why not complete the set? Get the tribute panties that help FUR out! I say, match that shit up with some really effing cute socks. The socks come in different animals. I’m just partial to the feline persuasion. The lingerie set goes for only L$200 and the socks go for L$75.

Hysteria's "Wounds" and Ange's "Koi T" in black (also comes in blue)

These are some good battle wounds. I’m a sucker for the 2.0 facial tattoos especially when dressing them up with something couture. The top was really well done by Ange and not over the top. Sometimes designers want to do something “asian inspired” but it comes out a fucking mess. This is lovely. Both the bloody wounds and t-shirts are L$50.

You can get all the information at Project FUR Japan‘s blog:
The SLurl is here:

You best get shopping.

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3 thoughts on “Cool Shit from Project FUR

  1. damn you fine, can i get your number?

  2. M. Vaughan says:

    it’s 1900-bee-mine.

  3. Lol, you nutters. <333

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