Let’s have a ball and biscuit baby

Make sure you check back in with Kozmetika. I know all you ladies were wishin’ and dreamin’ of winning the contest to be the spokes model for store, but lets put bygones away. It’s now time to head back to the store and purchase some great makeups at very low prices.

*BOOM* Renegade Princess shadows (danger)

I’ve never been one to kick BOOM out of bed for eating crackers. Miss Ah’s new line of shadows is not different. If you’re looking for that extra spice to light up your outfit, her shadows will do the trick. (By the way, if you haven’t picked up her mascara line – you’re a fucking moron. It’s the fucking best out there!)

cheLLe - (lipgloss) Icing Lip Stain 1 &(eyeliner) Icey Inner Eye White

When Kozmetika first opened, I didn’t purchase anything from cheLLe. It was too soft for my tastes. There are times I wanna be made up like a hooker on a Friday night date. However, there have been some new releases that bring softness to a new level. I fucking love this eyeshadow layer with the white around the eyes. It’s definitely worth scoping out her booth for some new looks.


I know, I know. No one wants to look at wrinkles, age or anything bad in Second Life. We’re all livin’ the dream, as Dexter once said. Well, sometimes it’s all in the details. Virtual Insanity has a great collection of makeups for “boys” – but if you’re a girl, you should buy it too! They are a little more strained than what you might see offered for the ladies. I think that’s why I like it. Wrap this up with some bad ass leather and get your Joan Jett on… you’ll wake up next to some girl.

la malvada mujer- bubbles plastic # 3

Lastly, but not least, La Malvada Mujer has put out some new stuff that is a little more playful and less dramatic. The new line is called Bubbles or Bubblelicious (It was before I had my nap this afternoon. I have a shit memory.) AnyWHO! It’s sassy and fun. I like that she’s showing a little bit of playfulness in this new line. Although, I did buy a majority of her premiere work when I saw it. I’m a fucking sucker for those bright colors!

Okay. So. Let’s all put away our “shit. I didn’t win.” faces and go back to Kozmetika and buy some amazing new looks to match our faces. Here’s the SLurl, clicky clicky. No excuses. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Existence/157/203/22

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4 thoughts on “Let’s have a ball and biscuit baby

  1. lol you are adorable..
    i’ve never been prouder to be your wifey. <333333333

  2. Really says:

    The items you post are interesting, but your filthy mouth is really a turn off. Why do you feel the need to talk like that? Does it make you feel tough? Because you sound low class and ghetto. :(

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