Don’t Forget about Bare Rose…

Sometimes we forget about the best things in life because they have been around so long… Bare Rose is like that. I’m here to remind you how fucking cool the store is and to make sure and get your sweet ass over there today.

Voyager 3

Voyager 3

The space suit comes in three different liner shades: black, gold and red. A prim is attached to about every point possible, but it makes for a fucking bitchin’ complete look! It is insane the quality you get for the cost, only L$140. So if you’re ever in need of a space costume to role play your star gazing, this is the outfit for you!

hair – elikatira “early”, skin – curio “jasmine”, outfit – bare rose “voyager 3” makeup – ae meth “cat eyeliner 6”



This dress is one part Shibari, two parts kimono. Shibari, for those not familiar, is the art of Japanese bondage. You can see the ropes around my neckline and upper torso which connect to the waistline of the kimono. The rest of the dress is full of life and beauty. The complete outfit comes with shoes and hair. I chose not to show those and picked my own favorites. You get an EXCEPTIONAL piece of Japanese fetish culture with this outfit for only L$180.

hair -W&Y “Collection 2010 L.E.”, skin – curio “jasmine”, outfit – bare rose “unleash”, makeup – (Ag) stained face cherry tart, (la petite morte) red stripe, (BOOM) express mascara & liquid glaze purple

Black Duster Lady

Black Duster Lady

If you’re ready to get your Underworld on… Black Duster Lady is ripe for the picking. It is a complete set of bad ass apparel which is textured beautifully. The duster, itself, may need some resizing. I found it it a little too big around the torso, but everything is full mod. That’s the great thing about Bare Rose. If you want resize the trousers – you can. No problemO! It’s fantastic. This little ditty was only L$150.

hair – lelutka “ashley”, skin – curio “jasmine”, outfit – bare rose “black duster lady”, shoes – McQueen Goth Boots, makeup – (BOOM) express mascara three coats, (Sticky Kiss) black eye, (Cheap Makeup) miss priss lip gloss2

Fair Decadence

Fair Decadence

The is the last concept outfit that teeters on everyday use. All white and textured flawlessly with a sheen that runs the length of the legs and arms, this number is sure to impress. it comes with pants, a skirt or just underwear. Being the modest little bitch that I am, I went with the pants. Ain’t I a fucking prude? Honestly, I could see this number hanging in a sci-fi store or a major high end label like LeLutka. It’s just that cool. Cost, you ask? L$160.

hair – fascino “plam chocolate”, skin – curio “jasmine”, outfit – bare rose “fair decadence”, boots – gos “curvaceous boots”, makeup – (pididdle) matte indulge me, (la malvada mujer) argento liquido #2



3 thoughts on “Don’t Forget about Bare Rose…

  1. I love the first pic of you so much, your face looks so soft :)


  2. Beryl Landar says:

    Thank you for sharing. I love Bare Rose, and in my opinion they still have the best prices.

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