International Women’s Day

Apparently, International Women’s Day is a big thing everywhere in the world except the United States. What the Fuck? I looked up the holiday, with my Russian-born coworker, only discover that the holiday is rooted in the Suffrage Movement in New York City.

Again, what the fuck?

Us Americans can’t remember to give a gentle nod to our sisters that fought so hard to get us (quasi) equal pay and the right to vote?  SO not cool.  Well, fuck that shit. Let me, as a proud American, step up to the plate.

*raises a glass* Cheers to the beautiful Women of the World! Without you, we would truly be lost!

Credits: Skin – Curio’s Jasmine; Hair – W&Y; Outfit- 4 Minute Outfit; Shoes – Maitreya; Makeup – BOOM!

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4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day

  1. Frynnie says:

    Well said! Love your outfit as well!


  2. damn right!! I love your blog and this outfit kicks #$!@

  3. Marls says:

    Thanks girls! It was inspired by my wifey, Sylvia. She treated me to the outfit and I couldn’t help but blog it!

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