Early Detection is Hawt. (blogger challenge)

I first met Miss Shellbee (co-blogger at coffeesmoke) roughly three years ago through Second Life. She had come into my old shop, Marlys, and we struck up a conversation. With our goofy humor and love of all things vintage, it was easy to see the connection. Eventually, we met and continued being good friends to each other. It’s pretty fucking awesome that this “game” can make that happen.

So late last year, a series of unfortunate tests occurred and BAM! My Miss Shellbee has cancer. The good thing is that she found it VERY very VERY early. If you look at the American Cancer Society website, they say early detection really does save lives. Here’s a listing of all the regular checkups you can get, at what age, and how often they are necessary.

So it’s now the beginning of 2011, and my Miss Shellbee has a tough year ahead of her with radiation and chemotherapy. Luckily, by overwhelming her with love, text messages, borderline stalking her facebook, and now blogger challenges in her honor – she can know that she is loved from head to toe! Thanks Sylvia for making this challenge! I think you and I will be doing a lot of early detection coverage in the next months. Maybe I will film myself getting a mammogram.

*thinks about it…cringes* maybe not.

I loves you Miss Shellbee. Be Bald and Beautiful!

PS. I recommend the shop DeeTaleZ for a shaved head!

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4 thoughts on “Early Detection is Hawt. (blogger challenge)

  1. missshellbee says:

    Okay, tears freely flowing now. WHERE IS MY DAMN WATERPROOF MASCARA???? **rings bell for Jeeves**

    Thank you my luv for your sweet words. Bald is indeed beyoootiful and while I may not be brave enough to fully flaunt it, I do plan on trying it along with indulging in some fantasy role playing with some wigs. OOooh baby..cause not every thing has to be paused just because chemo is in the picture. **nudge nudge wink wink** At least I hope not!

    Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t mean to make light of chemotherapy but, my friends, it has been repeated to me over an over by both those in the medical field and those not, attitude is very very important. I’m not gonna let it get me down. It’s going to be a time to count my blessings and appreciate everything I have to the fullest like the amazing friends I have. **looks at Marls and Sylvia**

    • marls says:

      We’ll get you some good and foxy wigs :)

      And you have every reason to make light of it. If you don’t laugh about it..it will just tear your heart out. So laugh on! I loves you Miss Shellbee!

  2. i so love you both and hope that you are having a wonderful visit.

  3. […] I heard the word “chemo” too often. That word means, among others, no hair. Read more here, today is not the best day for me to go into details. Anyway, this is my bald look […]

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