My number ONE on this list is the inspiration for my post. In all honesty, Sylvia and I talk about her like two teenaged fan girls. “Did you see the new Kyrie picture today?! OMG!!” *link passed*

The term FUCK does seem a touch harsh. I would say these are 5 bloggers that I really ADMIRE what they produce, photograph and deliver to the fashion feed. Their work always gives me pause and I fucking LOVE that.

5. Nina Fessbeinder
Sweet Nina. Sweet Lovely Nina. She’s like Kate Moss…fed and not on drugs. I sorta love that.

4. Sydd Sinister
Hello my Chocolate Love Muffin. Can I get you anything? Champaign? Dessert? Me?

3. Linka Demina
Linka is always careful about the eyes and how the create the composition. That sorta turns me on…if I were to be so bold.

2. Strawberry Singh
A visionary. Easily. Who doesn’t want a little taste of a visionary?


1. Kryie Source
Oh Kyrie. I love you long time. You have no idea who the fuck I am, but I would clip your toenails and comb your hair any way you asked. You are a beacon of style, in a sea of boring. You are a European Delight and I am beholden. You are my Number One.

Long legs, raven hair, and lips that should always be listened to…

Your Ever Loyal Fan,
Marls Vaughan

NOTE: Sylvia is exempt from this list because I am already doing the dirty with HER (and her MOM). However, if I were a non-partisan view… this post of hers would send my heart a flutter.

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14 thoughts on “TOP 5 BLOGGERS I WOULD FUCK.

  1. MiaSnow says:

    ~!!hahahaha, great post!!~

  2. Looool, I agree completely

  3. M. Vaughan says:

    hehe! thanks girls. It was so much FUN trolling thru the feed looking at pictures. I was all “oHH! her boobies look GREAT in this one!!”

  4. Chance G. says:

    what a great post! are on MY list! ;)

  5. /me blushes… Marls! You were not supposed to tell anyone about me (AND my mom).. are we all still on at seven??? I/We can squeeze you in..well anywhere you like you naughty minx!!!

    OMG Great list!!!!.
    (screams) I love you Kyrie!!!! You would be on my list too and also number one! if I wasn’t to shy to make a list!!!


  7. Kiki Devin says:

    Looks around, But but I am Syls Mom…O.O oh my Marls you naughty little beast

  8. LOL wow I’m flattered! But I do want to give credit where credit is due and the pic you have linked was actually taken by the talented Keiko Morigi and the person in the picture is the stylish Trace Osterham. I just wrote the post on the LE.LOOK! blog. However, it is one of my fav pics!

    Thank you for the thought though! LOL <3
    And NOW you're on *my* list! :D

  9. kyrie says:

    !!!! woaah, that post is a thousand time better then a toenails clip or a hair combing Marleen lol, it’s…ELECTRIFYING! Thank you for that wonderful lightning xoxox :)))

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