The Give A Damn Campaign is lead by the very vocal Cyndi Lauper, who also found the True Colors Fund. These organizations were put in place to support and assist the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Give A Damn’s mission is to seek EQUALITY for all – despite sexuality.

Health Care.

These are issues that affect all of us: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.

Tolerance. Love. Loyalty. Equality. These ARE America. Join the Give A Damn campaign. Equality is NOT out of reach, but we must work to make it happen.

Thank you Sylvia for your blog post about this campaign. You and Cyndi would totally be BFF and I would be so jealous! <3

dress – Grim Bros. …………. Seraphine Retro Dress – summer
eyes – Poetic Colors…………. Aurora Freebie
lashes – OMFG………….Lash Factor Giftie
skin – LeLutka………….Moscow Fair – makeup7
hair – W&Y………….New 141 (group gift)
poses – LAP

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6 thoughts on “damn.

  1. awww I think we could totally make a Cyndi Lauper Sandwich of BFF-ness, that is if you shared Joan Jett with me..Rawr!

    great post sugar lumps :)

  2. M. Vaughan says:

    yeah yeah yeah…
    I think I can swing some alternate Tuesdays…
    but only if you behave, baby.

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