People are tricky.

Sometimes I have these dreams about exfriends, or boyfriends even, who “wronged” me. I would dream about doing something hurtful, violent or evil to them. I would wake up frightened by how extreme they were, and scared that it meant something crazy.

In the end, it was a simple way of my head telling me to let go of them. Sometimes that meant writing letters I would never send, but other times I would confront them directly. I don’t particularly endorse either mode of expelling them from your lives. Both are exhausting and leave you still having to deal with the loss, betrayal or whatever it was that went wrong. Something will always remind you of that time with them, however the sting will be more manageable.

People are tricky. Hearts are tricky. What does it all mean? I haven’t a fucking clue. If you figure it out. Lemme know.

outfit – Deviant Girls …………. rusty crow’s nest
bracelets – LP …………. multi wrist bands
boots – Fashion Museum…………McQueen Goth Boots
eyes – KIWI…………. Cyan Eyes
skin – Ugly Duck………….Little Mechanic
hair – Pididdle………….Balloon Hair – orange
poses – Olive Juice

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9 thoughts on “People are tricky.

  1. people need to come with a fucking manual.
    also, your mom is tricky..

  2. p.s.
    & you have puffy nipples.

  3. Oddly when I am able to laugh at my own attachment to the person and how silly I acted when it was all over, I know I have moved on. Odd right?

  4. Brutus Martinek says:

    I think you have to work at it, and get to the point where you are indifferent towards the individual when you see them, or something that reminds you of them. I used to behave in a way that I thought by holding onto anger and hurt it was somehow punishing the people who’d hurt me, but in reality I was making myself the victim, which only gave the anger and hate more power. In my circumstances, it hasn’t been beneficial for me to write letters, or even explain to them why they have made me feel a certain way. In the end the forgiveness isn’t for them, its for me, so I don’t have to feel powerless to the emotions anymore.

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