I am one of the million fucking bloggers…

..who received the Pacadi Jasha new releases. So, since they have been all over the Fashion Feed like a cheap whore, I am not going to talk about that.

Instead, look at the UBER cute new skin from &BEAN! It was a group gift freebie and I was so excited to try it on. Oh how I heart Miss Morigi! Of course, I’ve never held back my undying love for &Bean skin.


Yeah. So. I’m a fan girl. Fuck off. Miss Morigi is really fucking good at what she does and I just would like the world to notice it. So there. Piss off.

*sticks tongue out*
*drops mic*
*walks off stage*

dress – Pacadi Jasha …………. Aditi Body – Suit cherry
jewelry – $GaNKeD$ …………. Suri Red Jewelry Set
heels – Nardotix…………Kurvy Ruby Slippers (group gift)
eyes – YUMYUM…………. Mooney Eyes – blue
skin – &Bean………….Houndes of Love – light freckled nyckelpiga (group gift)
hair – W&Y………….Agata Model 01 – type A
poses – DARE…………. Single Ladies Pose

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6 thoughts on “I am one of the million fucking bloggers…

  1. Yeh but you shake it like a salt shakur. do your thang grrrrrl :)

  2. marls says:

    will you be my pepper?

  3. Marls says:

    LOL! thanks girls!

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