Private Dick

All sorts of New shit in this post, which isn’t usually my shtick, but things change.

First things first: the furniture. Rachel Breaker, the Wonder Lust, created a new Office Set in her usual flair. I liken it to Roger Rabbit meets Second Life. Everything you see in the photo equals 21 prims. Yep, that’s it. Thanks to Miss Breaker’s 3D Studio Max expertise and shit load of industry, she kept the prims LOW! The complete set includes: Chair (2 poses), Desk, Pile of Pencils, 2 Frames, Phone, File Cabinet and Gas Can with Matches. It is priced at 831 linden and you can pick these up at the Tableau or Katat0nik sims.

The whole private dick Roger Rabbit thing, seems to be set in warmer climates. So, I matched up the furniture with the new release from BOOM. I am wearing the 15-Love Dress by my favorite heart throb: Aranel Ah! This cute onesy that is totally perfect for wearing with your favorite bikini underneath. Sexy and sultry, as usual, it’s sure to get some glances. Each is priced at 235, there are several color options and all the necessary layers are included.

Lastly, I couldn’t help but pounce over the LeLutka freebie hair by Thora Charron. Isha is so my kinda hair. If you’re the type of girl that loves to shop in the boys section ,as well as the ladies… this is the shit for you. Feminine but not over stated, and most definitely bad ass. Thora… be still my beating heart. Look in the group notices, if you missed this gift.

Right. That’s it from me for a few days. Sylvia is in charge, so send your Hate Mail, Spam or Chain Letters to her. OXOX

dress – BOOM …………. 15-Love Dress – lime/grey
necklace – dustarrz …………. Antique Necklace 01
flops – creamshop………….Beach Sandals – black
eyes – Poetic Colors…………. Aurora Freebie
skin – LeLutka………….IFE – light Haiti
hair – LeLutka…………. Isha – pitch
poses – Olive Juice

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