Rockabilly Princess

You sat down on the edge of the bed and without a word took off your shirt. I slid behind you and put lotion on your sore back. I was wearing your old white tshirt. After I was done, I wrapped my naked legs around your waist, rested my head on your back and hugged you. You smiled without saying anything.

The hair is new from Pocket Mirrors. That shop is blossoming nicely. If you haven’t been there in a while, I suggest you check it out. All of the vendors have been redone and it looks good. The styles there are vintage inspired, but there is a noticeable quirk to them. I admire that.

The HUCCI catsuit was a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t expected to like it as much as I do. I still don’t want to take it off. Maybe because it shows off the perfect tits (care of the Touche skin)? Or maybe it’s just the rockabilly overtones it inspires? Either way, it’s a great combination.

Below is the 4-1-1…

catsuitHucci …………. Hucci Twink – dark indigo
tattooCanimal…………. Body Graffiti – asian theme
necklace-:[ LP ]:-…………. Skull n Cross Necklaces
braces-:[ LP ]:-…………. Studded Multi Wrist Bands
heels LeLutka………….Saffron Pumps – nude
eyes YUMYUM…………. Moony Blue
skinTouche………….Bria Sunkissed – Tulip
hairPocket Mirrors…………. Helen – carrot
poses – PDA

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7 thoughts on “Rockabilly Princess

  1. you are soooo sooo purtyful.
    i love the first bit.. what inspired that?

    also I must go and see this pocket mirrors place!

  2. Poo says:

    Love the eyes & that skin!!! Hawt.

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