Eat Your Heart Out, Alberto Vargas

I have always been a fan of vintage pinups. There is something quite erotic to me about classic pornography. Maybe it’s the use of simple props, the simplicity in design, or the curvature of the women chosen to model. Regardless, it adds up to a playful sexuality that I find particularly agreeable.

Last year, I came across Chandra Meehan’s pose and prop shop called (*chanimations. Since then, Miss Meehan has expanded her inventory extensively. Not only does she design the usual burlesque erotica, named Fetish Cabaret, but now she has created Indian, Asian, and Witchcraft themed show props too. Honestly, what is a girl to do with so many options? It’s fantastic!

All this aside, I was completely SMITTEN the giant fruit props. I don’t know about you, but nothing quickens my pulse like an oversized cantaloupe. It became clear to me that I couldn’t let this particular review off easy. Not only did we, the ladies of coffeesmoke, put together our usual photos but we also made desktop calendars for the next three months.

There are twelve different fruit varieties, each are modestly priced at 350 linden. The cost includes: two versions of the fruit, 3 to 4 poses, as well as an additional avatar prop. You get quite a bit for that price! Now if you’re looking to do an ENTIRE calendar, Miss Meehan has bundled them all together for the price of 2000 linden. The bundle also gives you full perm calendar textures.

Here is a direct tp to (*chanimations: the fruit are located on the second floor of the theater room. Look for the giant banana!

Desktop Calendars can be downloaded through Flickr and are size for 1024 x 768 screen resolution.

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5 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out, Alberto Vargas

  1. Chance G. says:


  2. Uglee Oh says:

    they look GREAT Marleen!! You rawk girly!!

  3. M. Vaughan says:

    thanks ya’ll :)
    this was so much fun!

  4. I love this post so hard!

  5. missshellbee says:

    Very fun! *runs and makes a fruit smoothie*

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