The Reformation

My story isn’t so different from any other girl that works the streets and tries to go clean. Florida is chalk full of bitches like me from Jacksonville to Miami. We were all dumb enough to believe our pimps and got enough bloody noses to fill a 100 emergency rooms. Fucking pimps. Sad little cocksuckers.

I’ve always known about the bleeding. I wouldn’t want to say that it’s held me back in life because only a baby would say that. However, it has left me in some difficult positions. Before I left my mom, the doctors said that I was a carrier for the gene and it should go away, right? Well, I waited a year and it didn’t go away. So I figured: fuck it. I got to earn a living and this guy, Rick, was willing to set me up with a “good clientele”. You know what good clientele means? It means men that won’t skip out on the pay, however they might knock you around. He didn’t tell me about the second part.

So, as the story goes – this one guy, he called himself Dick. How fucking original, right? I had just gotten him off and now he starts getting frisky. He wants to “wrestle” with me. Well one can of mace later, I’m in the hospital for two days getting transfusions. After that, I said FUCK THIS SHIT. No more. I walk out on Dick, Rick and the rest of those blowhards.

Anyways, I read about this secretary job in the newspaper. I can read, you know? People think because you were a hooker, you’re uneducated or something. “Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation” my ass… they were no help.

I guess you could say my story is exactly like everyone else. You end up taking care of yourself in the end. I should have learned that from my mom. Instead, like the classy bitch that I am, I had to get my head knocked in to learn that lesson.

*rolls eyes*

dressTrashy Girls In Style …………. Candy Sleeve Print Dress – blue
handbagYS&YS…………. Espalmador Bag – pink
necklace – Jasha…………. Tahta – white gold
bangles – Jasha…………. Tahta – white gold
sunglasses – artilleri…………. Rory black
heels – Kalnins………….Orchid
eyes – Umedama…………. Koi Blue
skinPink Fuel…………. Skye – Oopsies – (Valentine Gift)
hair JUNWAVE…………. Marie – orange brown
poses – PDA – (out of business sale)

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6 thoughts on “The Reformation

  1. do hookers like gold?

    for a ex “lady of the night” she sure is foxy.
    i love the story too and posts like so that tell a story :)

  2. Uglee Oh says:

    *thumbs up*

  3. Marls says:

    thanks girls!
    I think hookers DO like gold.
    At least.
    That’s what your mom told me.

  4. missshellbee says:

    Quickly grabs 4-5 tissues and dabs dabs dabs.

  5. LOVE IT! What a way to use the pics to create a character we want to know more about. Hugs.

  6. M. Vaughan says:

    thank ya!
    it felt good to write about a hooker.
    not that i am one.
    however i have been to florida… i hated it.

    /me bulges eyes.


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