Gym Class with a side of Cigarette

I was tripping about a few Japanese sims looking over the participants of the Red Envelope Hunt and found MIU’s Loose Cardigan. This top is dreamy. Definitely check out the shop and pick it up. The SLurl is below.

So last summer I was, essentially, mugged. I say “essentially” because the details are somewhat long, involved and rather arbitrary. However, since late last summer, I haven’t been doing so well in public places. Moving helped in some ways. I think it mostly makes it easier to avoid this shittiness of the “event” by not having to look at the same location.

However after much internal debate, I finally pushed myself into talking to someone about that summer night’s event. I’ve been very privileged to not have interacted much with violence, so I guess that’s why this particular night was so traumatic to me.

The point of all of this is… if something totally fucked up and mental happens to you in RL, going to therapy is okay. I know my opinion doesn’t me fuck-all, but maybe mine in a chorus of others might do some good. Life can be completely fucked up and random and you have absolutely NO IDEA what is coming down the line for you and talking to someone, a professional, can be good for your heart.

That’s all. I needed to get that off my chest.

This public service announcement was brought to you by the number 6. Six is for June, soda cans and each degree of separation.

Much Love and Kisses that Last Three Days,

sweaterMIU …………. Loose Cardigan – beige
bottomBOOM…………. Wei Shorts – red/white stripe
gym socksA&M…………. Urban Tube Socks – red
smoke – NSD…………. white cigarette
sneakers – Redgrave………….SNEAKERS – Red Stripped
eyes – Umedama…………. Gem Stone
lashesOMFG…………. Lash Factor Giftie
skin – Dutch Touch…………. Jolie – Pip Cream 7
hairMoustache…………. Brie – red1
poses – Striking Poses

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3 thoughts on “Gym Class with a side of Cigarette

  1. I have said it before and I’m sure I will say it again I’m so proud of you for going it makes me admit that there are things that I need to go and get off my chest. I think it is very courageous of you. It takes a lot to go and find help/release.

    I learn best by example sometimes. I love these sorta entries. It makes me remember what I love best about blogging.. the honesty and courage to be yourself and say what is on your mind. I mean fashion aside, isn’t that the point of blogging, journaling and dare say waking up each morning to take a breath?

    Whether you know it or not you inspire me in many ways. I do love you, friend.


  2. M. Vaughan says:

    thanks sweetie. i got all weepy reading this…
    I’m gonna go eat a nutter butter cookie now.

  3. missshellbee says:

    Dude, I totally thought you were talking about talking to me. And I was all..AWWWW, then I was all..oh…then I started laughing at myself for being all big-headed. I love you to bits and I’m so happy you went. It totally rocks. You’re precious to me and I’ll totally be your protective ninja assassin lurking around your house if you’ll have me. I’m really quiet and I don’t eat much…just toss me a few smokes now and then.

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