Tuesday Bar Night turns into Wednesday Hang Over Day

There is this British movie called Happy-Go-Lucky. Here’s the trailer. The “Poppy” character won my heart over. Going out to a disco, waking up the next day with a bunch of hung over girlfriends and laughing about what an ass you made of yourself the night before. That sounds like heaven to me.

I saw Hot Mood on the Fashion Feed and I was struck by its potential. Some of the dresses at the shop are a little hoochie for my tastes. There is this one dress that has fish netting down the ass crack. I guess for easy farting? I dunno. *giggles* However, this dress got me with the SPARKLES! I love sparkles. It comes with two versions; one is shinier than the other. I think it’s good to broaden your horizons and get in touch with your inner disco. Do it up, yo.

The other bit that I wanted to discuss was Y HOUSE. This is one of the coolest furniture shops on the grid. The poses yacchan Clip gathers for the furniture are fantastic. They human, sweet and totally adorable.

Damn Japanese have the market CORNERED on cute.
*kicks pebble*

/me fail.

dressHot Mood …………. Disco Dress – blue sparkle
leggings – Ohmai…………. Basic Leggings – eggplant
bra – Pacadi Jasha…………. Oona Lingerie – bra
glassesNALA…………. reading glasses – red
necklaceDustarrz…………. Antique Necklace – coin & key
bubble gum – m.fox …………. pink taco
shoes – MIEL………….ANT FLATS – banana mania
eyesUmedama…………. Koi Blue
skin – IMAGEN…………. Norte – Irene Deep Gloss
hair – booN…………. AML887 – gold

seatY House…………. Pouf [v2010/choco]

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Bar Night turns into Wednesday Hang Over Day

  1. you ARE freaking adorable.

    gah, so cute I can’t stand it. Chu are. I’mma have to see that movie now and chew gum… cause gum is cute.

    I like your poofy. The poofy is cute. The dress description of that other dress was funny. True though easy access farting and shiz.

    Hehehehehehehehehe. K. I’m insane :)But we knew this!

  2. marls says:

    yeah.. i was gonna go all disco-y – but then i thought, why not go all “morning after-y”. so i did that instead.

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