Oui! Elle est bonne!

It is VERY good! Owner of C’est Moi! boutique, Marcantonio Beaumont, gave me a complimentary copy of his Tunic Dress and it is lovely! I have been meaning to write up something about Mr. Beaumont’s shop for some time, but I was trapped under a very large object. But now I am FREE! The Tunic comes with sculpted prim collar, waist and skirt. I forgot to write down the price because of the large object thing. I promise to do better next time.

The hair was a gift from W&Y to celebrate their new Model line of hairs. I would recommend checking out their new sim. They have so much fucking hair that is NEW, it’s pretty amazing. They are the dynamic duo of hair. *claps*

Overall, I matched the rest with some Mother Goose, Pididdle and Miel. It seemed to create this whole French Geek thing quite well. Picture yourself in Paris in the fall or spring. Walking down some cobblestone street on the way to University class, and when you arrive you find it’s NUDE MODEL DAY. How exciting! OUI! ELLE EST BONNE!

dressC’est Moi! …………. Tunic Dress – brown
bangles – VG Republic…………. Thick Metal Bangles (out of business)
glassesMiel…………. Bella Peepers
socksPididdle …………. Scrunchy Wool Socks – clay
heelsYS&YS………….Cala Saona Xmas Cognac
eyesUmedama…………. Frozen Eyes
skinMother Goose…………. Red Magoo
hairW&Y…………. 2010 Limited Gift – light black
poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade

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2 thoughts on “Oui! Elle est bonne!

  1. You look lovely, doll. I love that skin on your.. everything about this look really. Great job :)

  2. Marls says:

    thanks sweet tits!

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