VAIN Cuts Models In HALF

Yep. Your lover all things model-related, VAIN Magazine, has started to cut them in half. Apparently, some aren’t worthy of a complete spread. *shakes head in disappointment*

I was looking through the Fashion Feed and saw the February release of VAIN. I am not overly thrilled by the magazine, usually. However, I do like to see what they are promoting and photographing. I was totally taken off guard by the shittiness of this spread above (page 16/17).

Really, VAIN?

Not only are you insulting the model, but the designers for the skin, dress, hair, accessories and pose the model is portraying.

As Mr. Knightley would say in the Jane Austen classic story Emma, “badly done!

NOTE: I repeated the word “know” twice on the graphic, and that has now been removed. Luckily, I am a “rude drama causing bitch” so I can just go ahead and correct that mistake now. *thumbs up!*

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29 thoughts on “VAIN Cuts Models In HALF

  1. Laura Stone says:

    There’s not need to be rude. Vain Magazine is one of the most renowned magazines to hit sl’s news stands. The error they made with the spread is one mishap that doesn’t happen very often with Vain. Be respectful and don’t bash talented and inspiring magazines.

  2. silver milneaux says:

    so, in what way was it neccessary to post this on a public forum?

    is this really what the fashion feed is about?

    you rude, drama-causing bitch – I really hope you enjoy such malicious, pointless, public attacks in your real life. What exactly is wrong with writing a notecard to the editors? I’m certain they would have been thankful for the feedback.

    EVERYONE makes mistakes. you can take a look at all the other magazines and check for every little flaw in magazine layouts that they rush out within 4 days. not an excuse for error – but even real life magazines make horrendous mistakes.

    Just like your little grammatical error in your photoshopped picture.

    • so, in what way was it neccessary for you to insult someone in hopes of getting across your point? why didn’t you just write her a note card, as I’m sure she would have been thankful for your feedback.

      but yes, there is this radical idea called Freedom of Speech, as you may have heard of it but I’ll give you a reminder. Here goes:

      “The right to freedom of speech is recognized as a human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognized in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). The ICCPR recognizes the right to freedom of speech as “the right to hold opinions without interference. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression.”

      so whether or not you agreed with the post you had the option of scrolling past it. also, really I’ve seen what she is referring to in the general decline in the layouts and choice of articles in the magazine of lately. in my opinion having been a long time reader they could use a revamp.

      so before you go throwing insults and making tacky little put downs perhaps you should self educate.

      p.s. her little grammatical error is nothing compared to cutting what is supposed to be a woman in half. just think about it. kk?

      • silver milneaux says:

        This entire post, not your comment, IS a tacky little put down.

        I’m reading it, I feel anger that she would make such a malicious, public, uncalled for shaming post, and so, I commented on your blog.

        I just find it really ironic that she would point out an error in a magazine while making an error of her own. Don’t you? I think it just shows that we are all capable of mistakes.

        Oh and from past comments in your blog’s inflammatory posts, I’m sure your friend is perfectly capable of “lol-ing” and “buh-bye darlinging” sarcastically to anyone who disagrees with her, so I’m absolutely certain she would have not been thankful for the feedback.

    • Kiki Devin says:

      Thing is whoever was in charge of proofing the magazine before it was sent out made a huge mistake perhaps they need to revamp who does what. But i agree with the blog, blogging is freedom of speech and you can choose not to read it if anything offends you. I on the other hand love this blog and what they post will not determine if I decide to become a bitchy reader. Get over it, it is only a observation, it is their blog,let them write whatever they want.

  3. Boot Janus says:

    Yeah, I think this was an uncool post. Shit happens. No need to take the magazine to task on an obvious missed error.

  4. words of wisdom:

    never go ass to mouth, people.
    never cut a woman in half, Vain Magazine.

    for those of you that would like to see rl magazine printing errors, go here..


  5. Nun yer bizness says:

    Slow news day, eh Mar?
    As if YOU never made a mistake in your perfect life?

    Piss off toots.

    • Marls says:

      I never said I was perfect.
      Nor did I ever say VAIN was… but that’s a major mistake in fashion magazine layout. If they want to act like snotty bitches who know EVERYTHING about everything…then they gotta walk the walk. That means taking a little layout critique.

      You can piss off and find yourself another blog to troll.

    • hi there Sunshine Kukulcan, or whomever you are. You’ve commented on the blog before.. with seemingly nice things. whats the story?

  6. Marls says:

    You girls crack me UP!
    I was just watching this really soppy chick flick called Bright Star and reading these crazy replies totally cheered me up! thanks!

    I hope you all get over as soon as I did. Honestly, if they are “working” in the creative field, they shouldn’t get their panties so wound up! Everyone rips everything apart. Just look at you all watching your E! channel and shit. Same thing.

    Thanks for the laughs! OX

  7. Hi Marlene You fail. says:


  8. gabieglam says:

    I think it was someone did not resize the pictures they need to so it cut off. Simple error. If you look at the pages after too the folding is not. Not the rest of it but that “Story”. Thought you have to give them some credit. The looks on that page you can see are well done.

    • M. Vaughan says:

      oh yes. Dahlindah Destiny, the photographer, did a great job. I just find that VAIN boasts, brags and endlessly talks about how amazing it is… it gets tiresome to listen to. Then when they fuck up on an artist’s spread. How tiresome is that?

      And I know what the error is Gabie. I have worked in Quark and InDesign for many years. I am just saying for a magazine that boasts so much greatness about itself, it should have known better. And, if you look at the damn publication. This isn’t the only error. Tons of errors. If you like, I can do a completely red pen mark up. But only if you play James Spader, just like in Secretary.

  9. M. Vaughan says:

    So there was a whole bunch of comments I deleted because basically Trash Wahwah and I don’t get along.

    ….or do we?! Check back tomorrow!

  10. silver milneaux says:

    There’s another grammar mistake in your graphic, I didn’t even notice the two knows.

    Sigh. Seriously? You can’t even edit your bashing-Vain-graphic right and you choose to pick on Vain for their mistake?

    I honestly do not understand why you choose to be so mean-spirited, and I am a real loser because I feel sad that you wrote this post. I’m sure you’re nice to your friends and everything – why do you feel the need to attack others?

    • M. Vaughan says:

      I dunno. why do YOU attack others?

      “you rude, drama-causing bitch – I really hope you enjoy such malicious, pointless, public attacks in your real life.”


      move along wallflower. this post is dead.

  11. amputee says:

    trying too hard to be shopping cart disco :-/

  12. Crazy naiko says:

    Your replys are so rude honestly, it’s making you look so bad just so so catty.

    lol your worse then Tenshi infact awful awful.

    • marls says:

      you imply your own malice to my words. since you don’t know me, never met me, or understand my voice… it’s all very mirror image. You see cattiness. I see direct sentences spoken flatly or made in complete jest.

  13. Again, Marlene Fails says:

    People like you are the reason why the firing squad was invented. Oh also,you shouldn’t be allowed to breed with the other dogs.

    • Ahem. You are the same person above according to our stat records that said that she failed up above before with the photo of your ugly face.

      You didn’t leave a name either time, are you a coward?

      Can’t you come up with a better and more creative slam than that? I mean really, it’s embarassing. You fail.

      You can also take your nasty comments about her and shove them in your ass. It is a critique on a magazine that made a gross error and this is our space to say whatever we wish, this is not your personal insult thread because you obviously have something against Marls. Why don’t you be a grown up and talk about it like a human being.

      Also, I’m sure she is fine in not “breeding with dogs” we can go ahead and leave all the “dogs” for your own personal breeding pleasure.

    • missshellbee says:

      Hi Again, Marlene Fails. As a sometimes contributor on this blog, I really felt compelled to reply to your particularly nasty remark aimed at Marls.

      You need a margarita, a smoke, or to get laid. Maybe all of the above. PRONTO.

      If you care to be a more actualized person, take the time to read her blog and realize that you have nose dived this whole thing into the realm of monkey-throwing-shit. It’s nasty and really doesn’t have merit. Her blog entry is milk-toast compared to your rant.

      It’s Friday, let’s get happy, shall we? Possibly, hmmm?

  14. Laurenza Republic says:

    LOLOLOL @ drama-causing bitch

    The crew at Vain magazine should have given that page a second look before going to “print.”

    ‘Nuff said.

  15. LOL i guess someone didn’t proofread? How “professional” of them. OMG Marleen I have been lost in my own drama llama world that I have been neglecting the fabulous drama of your blog! I AM SO GLAD I CAME BACK, ha!

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