The Human Spark

I’ve been thinking about intentions lately. How do we know people’s intentions are good, bad or otherwise? Some people rely on a vibe, others ignore their guts and go on face value. How are we to best judge what others want from us?

I was watching this show on PBS about that exact thing. In the show, they tested theories of evolution through intent and chimpanzees. While some ideas were translated from species to species easily, others were not. For example, the chimps couldn’t understand the concept of weight or mass. It was totally fascinating to watch them fail a simple exercise because it tested the simple principal of mass. The show, The Human Spark, is definitely worth viewing. After all, anthropology is down right sexy.

This weekend LeLutka will be having the Red Event at 11am SLT on Saturday morning. You can see their posting on the LeLutka blog.  Sylvia and I are both pretty excited about it and wonder what surprises await.  It’s unclear what the intentions (nods to the beginning of the post) are for this event. Promotional? Charity Related? What is your guess?

body suit – LeLutka …………. EMERGENCY – red
heels – LeLutka…………. Saffron Pumps black
eyes – Poetic Colors…………. Autumn tarn
skin – PK…………. Marocco – Malika
hair – W&Y…………. Hair 93 – black
poses – Twosome

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3 thoughts on “The Human Spark

  1. gah. that skin looks real. great photo hun.

  2. missshellbee says:

    I am really amazed at the realism of the face. Really stunning!

  3. Marls says:

    Thanks my Girls.
    /me feels the love in the room!

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