Valentines REVISITED

So I would like to introduce a new segment here at coffeesmoke. My long time friend Betty Page has joined our style smoking room! *applause* She brings us a great new insight to coffeesmoke – grunge, goth, neko, futuristic, fetish, alternative, bad ass style. Yeah, something like that.

So no MORE do you have to live under the dictatorship any pretentious blogs out there! You can now bask in an unbiased opinion of an avid lover of all things alternative SL related!

Betty on second life love…

So what’s interesting is that since the last article, I’ve gone and partnered with someone (something I swore I’d never do). I’m a total cougar now (RaWr!!!) because he’s a younger man. But I do not plan to go through the whole wedding experience.

But it’s been my experience that the ones who go through the SL wedding end up shortly married, quickly divorced and messy emotionally. “Love” in its SL forms is so quickly changing and often fleeting.

That said about Love and Weddings in SL, if I do have an SL wedding, I’ve decided it will be the slight mockery it’s intended to be, in my oinion. Allow me to describe.

It will be performed in front of a broke-ass trailer. With lawnchairs for seating. The preacher will be a drunk uncle. The entire ceremony will be performed with established gestures only. For example – the vows for him might be the gesture and sound effect that says, “Bitch, I love you!” Then refreshments will be a big tub of SLWeiser (or whatever cheap ass beer I have in inventory) and dancing around a bonfire not far from the trailer. The first dance song will be “Chicken Fried” by Zac Brown Band. And we will live sexfully ever after.

He’s quite a sugar loaded candy cane.

costume – What the Hell……………..Sexy Cupid Costume-Valentine’s Day Outfit- xStreet
Outfit includes the following: Shirt layer, underwear layer, pants layer, gloves, shoes. Prims: lower foot boot prims, pants leg prims, thigh quiver with arrows, bow hanging from shoulder, strap across chest and wings
jacket – Blood & Scars ……………… SPLATTER UPPER BODY Jacket over layer

undershirt – Garden of Ku ……………..Tattoo Kali Durga “Your body, My temple”
ears – Plastik ……………..Elven Ears-Sepidie
lip – LUNA MOON DESIGNS …………….. Luna Moon lip ring-Silver
eyes – Violet Studios ……………..Female Demon-Vishpla Accessories Pack, Demon Eyes
hair – Armidi Hair ………………The Emo One – Black (Red Tips) (Male/Unisex hair)
skin – Beauty Avatar Couture …………….. NEMESIS_V2 – Bronze Skin 08

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4 thoughts on “Valentines REVISITED

  1. Ivey Deschanel says:

    gorgeous, I love the whole look

  2. missshellbee says:

    Awesome! Welcome Betty! Here’s a large cuppa and a smoke I bummed off my grandma for ya’.

  3. Betty says:

    I’m really excited to be part of this blog. I love Marly’s work and her aesthetic. Her wit and acerbic charm of course, is the icing on my cupcake. Sylvia has this amazing knack for assembling unique looks that I just love. Together we three shall frost the world and EAT IT!

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