Heartless City HAS Limits

So the new Heartless City opened up today.

At first, I was very impressed at the sim design. I knew Naith Smit from a lifetime channel ago, and was happy to see him building again after his last “snafu”.

Heartless City houses the main stores of NSD and Addict, the in world couple Naith Smit and Kianna Noel. However, it is the small LeLutka shop that steals the show. Minnu Palen placed a gift box of four freebie skins and a great NO HEART hand bag out. The skin is totally bad ass with dramatic red lips and eyes. Make SURE you pick up a copy of the skin. Here is the SLurl for easy tping: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Heartless%20City/83/203/44

There are some excellent satellite shops at Heartless. You know about LeLutka, but there is also: Aoharu, Aden, Atomic, Luck Inc, CnS, Pink Fuel and Body Shop. I really felt bad for Body Shop. With all the dramatic lighting in the sim, their front door is barely visible. Never mind their HUGE graffiti sign that blends in TOO well with the “inner city mystique”.

As for the main shops of NSD and Addict, you couldn’t help getting the impression that more time was spent on Addict. The lack of texturing in NSD makes the shop look virtually blank inside. Maybe it’s supposed to be a minimalist experience? Both shops create a grand entrance that makes you fight thru the lag to find the actual product. NSD offers a dollarbie SKULL ring, but Addict doesn’t give out any freebies.

Overall, it’s a very well done sim with impressive vendors that seem to outshine the main stores. Do pick up the FREE LeLutka skin, it’s the heart of Heartless City.

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7 thoughts on “Heartless City HAS Limits

  1. The only reason that I even heard about this Sim was because of the awesome Lelutka freebie. I’ve never heard of the stores mentioned Addict or the other one.. and I’m not sure they seem to be worthy of checking out.

  2. Kianna Noel says:

    Id like to thank you for taking the time to visit our sim . We do have amazing vendors on our sim who are yes already well established and we are very lucky to have them there. My brand is pretty new and I believe mine and Naiths brand are worthy of checking out. Just because we are new.. or not as well known does not make our product any less quality or worthy of checking out. and… Body shop isnt a store or a vendor it is a place for upcoming skins and shapes that are not quite done yet ;) and NSD may be blank but it is meant to be minimal and was completely baked in Maya. I stand by our sim I stand by our builds and I stand by our product. Give AddiCt and NSD a chance and I am sure that in the near future you may be as impressed with us as you are with the larger brands. Thank you for the compliments that you did give and again ty for even visiting even if it was because of the skin offered by LeLutka =D These brands wouldnt share a shopping space with just anyone

    • Marls says:

      Hi Kianna. Thanks for reading my review. I think Sylvia’s point is that if it weren’t for the group notice LeLutka had put out about the shop/skin – neither of us would have known about the opening. Freebies are a great introduction to a store. With your new brand, and a long time off of the feed for Naith – a freebie would have been a great reminder/intro to your product lines.

      I look forward to seeing what you and Naith produce in the future.

      • Kianna Noel says:

        Yes definatly! I will be puting out a gift this weekend and plan on alot gifts especially a special one as a thank you to the people that i have jotted down who visited today :) and on a side note i have not visted your blog before today and I really enjoy it . Take care

      • Marls says:

        yes, our audience of readers is a bit unique and requires a certain level of brutal honesty. It only appeals to a select few who are into that sort of thing.

        Please drop me a line in world once you update your shop. I would love to revisit your sim when it’s filled out some more!

  3. Laurenza Republic says:

    I would love to come see this place but alas, I am unable to teleport due to reasons unbeknownst.

  4. Laurenza Republic says:

    Follow up to previous comment: I was able to get to the sim and enjoyed myself! Especially love the landing spot with the park atmosphere!

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