Braindead Betty

The wondering makers of Blonde* and Dismorph have brought an adorable new product ONLY available at Hot For Zombie. These generous girls, Plastics Swords and Zedellbee Zuhal, are donating 100% of the profits to the Red Cross.

This photo prop is totally adorable, if not completely ICKY! It’s a candy heart box with blood smeared inside and out. On top of the blood, there is a brain. Clearly, this is NOT for the weak at heart….heh. sorta like love, realy.

*pauses to consider*

Yeah. Definitely a lot like love, actually.

The poses that are included in the prop are clever! Plastic did a stellar job thinking of cute ways to feature the avatar and still maintain the “horror” of it all. This is great one time offer for Hot for Zombie. Definitely pick up Braindead Betty and help the Red Cross.


top – Happy Bivouac…………. bloody beater
eyes – Little Pricks…………. Spooky Eyes
skin – CStar…………. Embrace 2.0 Skin Evil 8.3
hair – Analog Dog…………. lua free

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2 thoughts on “Braindead Betty

  1. you are the zombie queen!

  2. Marls says:

    that would be so cool if i was!
    heh… i would rule with a pen… because the pen is mightier than the sword. and smart brains are better than dumb brains.


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