..and so it begins again. Zombies are everywhere on the grid, so you best get your shit together now.

My first SPECIAL REPORT is on the deliciously evil Olive Juice poses. IsabellaGrace Baroque has always been a lover the camp. You can tell by her inspired pose sets: True Blood, Vaudeville, and Monsters! She’s got CAMP covered. And now she’s done it again for HOT FOR ZOMBIE my bloody valentine EVENT-O-RAMA. She has three fantastic poses that are made from brains, blood, vomit and maybe even a little love. DEEEEEE LISH!

This first set is100 linden and the second two are only 75 linden. It’s a total steal and in all honesty – you should buy ALL THREE! Get a jump on your Halloween gear. Or, showcase that HIGH FASHION art in an avant garde light! Make all your bitchy fashionista friends jealous so they can write a crappy post secret about it! It will be the talk of the town.

So, chop chop! Why wait a moment longer? Your teleport awaits:

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3 thoughts on “THE WALKING DEAD!

  1. You are so sweet, thank you Marls <333333

  2. marls says:

    what can i say?
    you’re great.

  3. /tackle hugs ya and humps your leg a leetle

    sorry, i get excited :D

    BALLS! <3

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