What’s your ZOMBIE PLAN?

If the world were to be invaded tomorrow by zombies…what would you do? It’s not something most normal people think about, but I find it rather amusing. I’ve read a number of books on zombies and would consider myself a part of the sub-culture of fanatics. We’re sorta like Trekkies, but with more blood.

My favorite event is happening again! Hot for Zombie. This event starts tomorrow and will run until my bloody VALENTINE’S DAY! 100% of the proceeds are going to Red Cross for Haiti. We all know this is an important cause and well worth the time and effort!

Please participate by shopping, blogging and helping a great cause! The event is being managed by the follow, please contact by notecard them if you’re interested in participating in the events: Putrid Gloom, Stein Shilova, Louhi Gothly, Gattina Dumpling or Horrid Twine.

Look for more information on the Prophecy of Gloom blog.

p.s. My zombie plan is Alaska. Zombies freeze…heading north is the only way to survive!

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4 thoughts on “What’s your ZOMBIE PLAN?

  1. Don’t you think zombies might consider Alaska as one big chest freezer full of emergency brains in case they run out on the other continents?

  2. marls says:

    *falls over*

    no no. seriously. they will freeze in place. then we can kill them easily. Reference Max Brooks WORLD WAR Z. We can weed them out easily after they freeze, thereby securing safety and minimizing infection.

  3. Horrid Twine says:

    My zombie plan is to become one, and eat you all.

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