Do we really need to see the SEVERAL HUGE pictures of you in the exact same outfit? Or is that just your vanity talking?

That’s one thing that has always chapped my ass about some bloggers. I realize that blogging for the Fashion Feed is a vanity project. I’m willing to accept completely that it is fun to dress up our avatars and play dollie. However, do I really need to see HUGE FUCKING PICTURES of your avatar in increasing close ups to your face? The answer is… no. It’s annoying. It’s vanity talking. And if you really want people see those picture, fucking WRITE something for once. You can put a footnote to your god damn FLICKR page. For fuck’s sake people…get a grip!

And are you really a “blogger” if you don’t ever write ANYTHING accept the credits to the fucking outfit? I realize that the term is used loosely.. but let’s TRY and pretend like writing is involved. I remember when blogging was “invented” or at least the first time I heard about it. I was 25, engaged to be married, and I had no idea why people would write about the mundane things in their life. Heh. Fucking hypocrite I turned out to be! I just wish people would put some effort into writing…. Anything! I realize that there are skills involved with photography and styling, but would it hurt to put some sentences together?

Yeah… I need a smoke and a cuppa coffee.

dress – LeLutka…………. LEA – lime green
glasses – Dark Mouse …………. Catty Eye Sunglasses – black
bangles – Jasha …………. Tahta Bracelet II – bronze
necklace – UZURI…………. Bahari Necklace
earrings – UZURI…………. Sunflower Rings – gold
shoes – LeLutka…………. Saffron – neutral green (group gift ONLY)
eyes – YUMYUM…………. classic black
skin[PK] …………. SUDAN Anaya GO HERE AND BUY SKIN!
hair – Exile…………. Voodoo – charcoal
pose – Long Awkward Poses

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35 thoughts on “Do we really need to see the SEVERAL HUGE pictures of you in the exact same outfit? Or is that just your vanity talking?

  1. Betty says:

    Wow, lol.

    I must admit, sometimes I don’t read the writings of bloggers or I’ll quickly fast forwards some words until I reach the part I’m interested in.

  2. I’m kind of the opposite – I just want to look at the pretty pictures. I don’t want to have to read anything. Some of the bloggers are really artistic and take fantastic pictures. The others, I just browse past them. No big deal.

  3. Marls says:

    the PK skins are great. You should really check them out. Especially if you know a guy. they have an extensive men’s collection of skins.

  4. i never no what to write actually. so majority of the time its just credits for me.

    i tried those PK Skins and wow they are realistic. some of them are like looking at a photo

  5. Colleen says:

    I understand that some people may not know what to write but I gotta go with you on this one Marleen.Three to five pictures of the same outfit is such plain vanity plus its extremely annoying.

  6. Chance G. says:

    Besides the text, I gotta say, WOW you look fantastic Marls! Muah!
    However, I do think that perhats several pics of the same outfit is not ideal, I am guilty of such posts..pure vanity yes. Sorry.

  7. Marls says:

    Sydd – maybe you could publish exerts from articles, or other works? That would be fun. hehe. go with themes. Like, this week we’re doing “women who pissed people off” and then include a bunch of feminist articles. HAHAHA!

    Colleen – OXOX

    Chance – tisk tisk. com’ere. lemme spank you.

  8. icampese says:

    Most of the time when i see a post on the feed, i don’t really care what the author thinks about clothing they wear, sorry, i can make my own opinion and i’m sick of sentences like “omg, this shirt is so awesome, so well made, go and buy it”. This you call writing? I admit, it’s a vanity thing to put few pictures of the same outfit, but sometimes it’s good to see the outfit from different angles, and if the pictures are good, why it would have to hurt my eyes? Also, i don’t feel like talking shit on my blog, putting poems and other bullshit, i just want to show styling, so the pictures can speak for themselves. Besides i’m not a native english speaker, so i think my language mistakes could hurt your eyes more than my pictures. And isn’t fashion about vanity ? Live and let live, for real, all i can see here is just you had nothing to write about your outfit and decided to whine about those who have nothing to say about their pictures either, but at least they dont complain about other bloggers.

    Sorry for my english, hope you understand and i really like your outfit btw.

  9. moniq says:

    what bugs me most is not to have slurls linked to the credits, actually… and most of the time, pictures say it all :)

  10. Ashe Anthony says:

    I agree with Moniq.
    It’s annoying, especially when the store can’t be found in search.
    Personally, I enjoy reading the words if I like the blogger.
    For sake of space, I usually try to have two pictures maximum.

  11. marls says:

    I find it very useful when blogs incorporate the SLURL…but frankly, I’m too fucking lazy. I want to write and style and photography…but the reader can click the damn search key to find the shop.

  12. Maddie says:

    I would prefer to have something interesting to read to go along with the photos. What I’d REALLY like to see is some honest reviews of things. It gets completely boring to read “this is beautiful! this is perfection!” over and over again. Be honest! Bloggers should be saying what they think of an item, the seams, the texture, the fit, etc. and be open and honest about it. Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Just because it’s made by “so and so” doesn’t make it perfect.
    Blog posts such as this one, I find completely interesting and worth my time in reading. So many others that basically do cookie cutter posts…I skim right over.

  13. marls says:

    Maddie – I completely understand your point. Although it IS a slippery slope we’re going down. Honesty is something that people “say” they like, but doesn’t particularly mean that want to hear it. I try to deliver as much candid attributes as I can about the clothing and items I cover, which hasn’t really won me a lot of favor.

    Anyways, I am totally picking up what you’re putting down. It’s just a bit more delicate than “honest reviews”.

    • Maddie says:

      I love that you’re brave enough to be candid and it’s why I look forward to reading your posts. I loved this post!! You said what needed to be said and said it quite well I might add.
      Obviously, I’m not a blogger and can’t possibly understand everything on that slippery slope :P

  14. Ashe Anthony says:

    Marls, I do that with every one of my posts.
    It takes a while but at least, I wouldn’t be getting comments on my blog asking where x item is, or getting IMs from readers asking where the item is from.
    Remember that a store will only show up in search if the owner of the store has paid to place an ad.
    For example, the store Kittos(sp) can’t be found in search, and bloggers was styling an item from there constantly without a SLURL link in their posts for about a week. Then Anya Ohmai styled the same jacket, and included the SLURL to the store.I thanked her for that very much. I personally appreciate when bloggers do that.

    • marls says:

      Ashe… I promise right here and now to try and do better.
      Scouts honor.
      (even tho the girls in the scouts troop were really mean to me and made fun of me because I was a “weirdo” with a ‘weirdo mom”…. bitches.)

  15. Ashe Anthony says:

    I forgot to add that when I look at the stats for the blog I’m a part of, people actually do click these links.
    I have seen it again and again.
    Anyway, this is a great post, and I thank you for writing it.

  16. didn’t really have much to add to this execept for something that you already have unconditionally..
    my admiration and support of your thoughts and words.

    as always…
    thank you.

  17. missshellbee says:

    My turn, my turn! I’m a huge fan of the written word and I find those talented at putting them together a joy to behold. I think my Marls is one and I’m not just blowing smoke up her ass. Smoke..get it? See how I did that? Anyway, I completely get her point about seeing photo after photo of an avatar face CLOSE UP whilst supposedly showing off clothing and shot after shot after shot…painfully boring. Why not add a blurb..or two? Bogging is words, people. Why should we water this down and lose the intent? It’s like the dreaded eventuality of losing the physical book and it’s lovely paper pages to Kindle. We are losing the intent of blog which I thought was general commentary in written form. But maybe in my old age, I’m stuck in my ways. Damn you young ‘uns! *shakes fist*

  18. tolerantofothers says:

    The aggression, and overall disdain you write with, the candor, seems to be a commonality with you, Marleen. You’ve stated an opinion with overall bitterness, and quite frankly, no tact.
    You are very well entitled to your opinion, as you so often let everyone know. But should it be at the cost of someone who thinks they are doing a great job, or better yet – who TRIES to offer their opinion?
    Perhaps the lack of acceptance is one thing, the ability to understand that not everyone is doing it out of the “look at me” mentality – but to show the clothing.
    Words effect others – intended to or not. And for me, the hatred you have for most all, is pretty pitiful. I hope you can find some peace eventually.
    Just a blog reader,

    • Dear “R”

      Super nice of you to leave your anonymous two cents. You may not like what Marls is saying in her post but at least she has the guts to leave her name at the end of each post. You wouldn’t know anything about that, would you? Nope!

      Your reply reeks of the aggression, disdain and bitterness disguised in your very own self righteous candor which you accuse Marleen of, but after all it’s your “opinion” right?

      If you don’t like the blog.. seriously move on to the next. Stop reading her posts and being all creepy stalker like but don’t offer this sanctimonious bullshit by being a troll of this blog and stirring up some good ole’ anonymous drama.

      Or better yet get your own blog you “blog reader” you and write about your own opinions or is that seriously too much effort for you… and then “find the peace you seek”. My guess is thought that you already have a blog and are just too “pitiful” to post your own name to connect the dots.

      Namaste, bitch!

    • marls says:

      Dear tolerantofothers….

      It’s fun that you’re reading my blog at 2.56am! WHEEEE! Thanks for sharing your words on my blog. Every story needs a villain, right? i’m just not sure if you are the villain, or I am.

      1. Don’t worry about my peace. It isn’t your concern.
      2. Regarding my lack of tact… some people are riddled in tact, which I think is just means of denial about themselves and the world around them. I subscribe to the religion of blunt honesty. If it hurts, so be it. Honesty goes both ways, and I have had my share of hurtful truth in SL and RL. However, I wouldn’t changes those moments for the world because they opened my eyes and taught me perspective.
      3. I suggest you maybe lighten up yourself. It is quite obvious by the number of comments that people “got” my degrees of sarcasm in the post. Maybe YOU should take your own advice.

      All My Best
      Love and Kisses

  19. Well sounds like all you hate my blog. LOL. For me it’s about the pictures and the lighting and the way you turn your avatar or camera and the lighting may change to the point that looks like a whole different scene. I create artistic images in SL using nothing but SL. No photoshopping, no liquifying – nothing except frames. Usually I use the photos to create a story but lately I have been so meh about SL that I haven’t bothered.

    Is it a question of vanity? I say no cause Lizzie is not me – she is a tool I use to create in SL in the only way I know how. Will I stop doing what I do to please others? NO. Well if I leave SL i will ha.

  20. missshellbee says:

    No Miss Lizzie, I, for one, am not referring to you. You haz wurds and purty ones at that. Not to mention loverly photos that aren’t straight up narcissism under the guise of blogging about fashion. *smooches*

  21. well, i am one of those bloggers who don’t write that much(except stupid sentences like “i love this” or “i love that” lol…My english isn’t good, it isn’t my mother language,and most of the people that visit my blog speak english…so i just try to speak with the pics i do…i love fashion, and that’s what i try to express, lol

    thank you for your nice comment Sylvia, i like this dress you show us, btw ;)

  22. Lili B. says:

    Uhh, I stumbled on this post via plurk, and I can’t help but think this might be about me. Is it ? If you think I suck, you can totally name me, I don’t mind. I’d actually like to know !

    As far as I know, I’m not currently being syndicated anywhere. But if there’s a feed I’m on, let me know.

    It has been my choice from the start to blog with minimal words, I write when I want to. When I look at other people’s blogs myself, I only look at the pictures, I don’t read the text. I don’t blog about myself, I blog to show ‘stuff’. I’m not forcing myself on anyone, nobody has to come to my blog, which is, to the best of my knowledge, the only place my posts can be seen.

    As for how blogging started, well, writing actually came later, at first it was just people dumping links as a way to keep track of their findings.

    You sound very angry. Is this all so very important ?

    • Marls says:

      this has nothing to do with you, but it’s interesting how everyone thinks it is about them. It’s sorta like an exercise in social psychology.

      Nope. sorry to disappoint Lili. This was a generalized angst about the Fashion Feed.

  23. Lili B. says:

    Okay, I don’t follow that many blogs or any feed other than my own and I actually thought I was the only one dumping vanity pictures with just credits, which I acknowledge is totally what my fashion blogging amounts to. Fun to know there’s a group of us out there, though, I feel less alone !

  24. Linka says:

    long time i didnt read similar bullshits.Hahah.
    Of course i agree with Irie in 100%. And thanks for link to this post, it made my day:)

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