CUPID HEART HUNT Leaves Bloggers Bald, Topless and Bloodied

I know you have all done it. Don’t try and act all cool.

You’ve all gone on grid hunts and been so EXCITED about the loot, that you unpacked it all right away leaving your avatar in a complete mess! Well, fucking hell! That’s what Sylvia and I did today and it was brilliant!

Sylvia read about the Cupid Heart Hunt. Admittedly, I was reluctant to go after the last NEVER-ENDING hunt. But she persisted. She put on her BOSSY HAT and said, “Marls, babe. Get off your fat ass and accept this tp.

I accepted it.

I’m SO glad I did! The hunt is made up of Japanese vendors and their items are fantastic! This isn’t your usual crap scarf or bling bracelet hunt freebie. OH! NO NO NO! I wouldn’t lead you astray, my kittens! This is quality grade A shit. The designers really put a lot of thought into this hunt and made it feature their BEST and BRIGHTEST products. I can not wait to go back to the stores and check them out again.

The complete list of participating stores is here, 27 in total. Although, make sure you check before you leave, some vendors put multiple prizes in their location:

Slow Kitchen
Love Soul
R2 fashion
Oberon’s Trick
Kinema no Tsuki
Atelier AM
No.3 feathers interior
::C’est la vie!::
forest feast
Hunt Humming Heart
::Umedama Holic::
un Jour
deviant girls
iTuTu Garden&Furnitures

So, like my lovely Sylvia says… get off your fat ass and join the hunt. The starting point is here: Trust me, you’ll thank me.

Send me your pictures if you end up looking even more insane than Sylvia and I do. I will put them up on the blog! Heh. *smirks*

Happy Hunting!

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4 thoughts on “CUPID HEART HUNT Leaves Bloggers Bald, Topless and Bloodied

  1. ahaahaha you sneaky little monkey <3

    I had no idea you posted this *grins* it was a really super awesome hunt cause it can be done super quick.. you get awesome stuff and feel all accomplished and shiz. <3

    I'm super stoked, yo.

  2. marls says:

    I got this this morning….
    rikoyan Destiny: hello! Im Ruru@Pino Owner. thank you comed Cupid Heart Hunt! sry, I’m mistake!! please replace “Cupid’s Heart Hunt *Ruru@Pino*[2/2]” by “Cupid’s Heart Hunt *Ruru@Pino*[2/2]NEW!!!”

    Her japanese to english translator is pretty gosh darn cute!

  3. missshellbee says:

    Aw! *gets tissues for your bloody noses*

  4. Hey! This is very nice post i ever read || Thanks.

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