Prim Nails Gross Me Out.

There. I said it.

I have been thinking it for a long time, but been biting my tongue in good faith that they will die away gracefully. Not so. Prim Nails have been rearing their heads more and more, the creepy buggers. I don’t know exactly what it IS about them that triggers my “cringe factor”… but I can tell you I always think of this:

Yep… these nails make the corners of my mouth turn down and my instinct says to back away slowly.

Okay. Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, I can move onto bigger and better things. Certainly things that are much less scary….like zombies.

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17 thoughts on “Prim Nails Gross Me Out.

  1. that is totally nasty Marls..

    how would some “lady” use the bathroom..let alone wipe and get her pants down. It looks to me like some sort of exageratted feminity pantomine making drag queens look bad or som.. Idk.. but it scares me


    And prim nails.. please ladies.. just say no!

  2. marls says:

    /me hisses at the prim nails.
    I think you’re right about the drag queens. I found a good deal of the image pools on flickr featured them… I love drag queens. I just don’t like long nails.

  3. ahh yes i totally heart drag queens :)

  4. I agree with post. Keep it coming. I will check back tomorrow. (did I sound like spam, lol). But yeah i agree.

  5. I plurked the same thing about a month ago. Prim nails CREEP me out, and there is one blogger who is notorious for wearing them. Sadly, her thin nose and impossibly large lips also give me the eebie jeebies.

    I scroll past her posts as quick as I can to avoid the shudder.

  6. marls says:

    HAHAHAHA Carissa!
    *Marls now trolls the fashion feed looking for the referenced blogger*

  7. I tried prim nails once. I swear they entered the room before my hand. What about men in RL who keep their little finger nail long? Now that’s just wrong.

  8. sasyscarborough says:

    While I don’t exactly love the look of ones like that flickr pic, I do like the ones done by some really talented creators.I have worn them recently and they can be a lot of fun, I don’t see what harm they are doing to anyone, I guess if you shudder or cringe too fast you could dislocate something.

    I guess it comes down to whether or not you wear, or have worn sculptured or acrylic nails in RL. Being a teen/young adult in the mid to late 80’s the whole nail craze was huge, so I guess it comes down to that for some of us.

  9. Marls says:

    Yeah… at age 34, I am libel hurt myself cringing too fast. Old far that I am.

  10. missshellbee says:

    Being a teen in the 80’s, I’m happy to say I missed the fake nail boat. I grow my own, thank you. The picture just makes me think of everything else we humans do to overcompensate for lack of something (giant balloon boobies, giant balloon lips, implants of everything imaginable) because, clearly, nails that long require some time and attention. Not to mention some adjustments to how live one’s life in order to function properly. Taking pictures in adoration of them is also telling. Noooo, these nails are not harmful except when in a particularly animated conversation and they take out my eyeball or sever a limb. Excuse me while I go hyper focus on the perfect cup of coffee and obsess on wtf I’m gonna wear today that will detract from my big fat ass.

  11. I would be perfectly fine with prim nails if they didn’t alter the hand animation. (At least the set I have does). It’s the only reason I don’t wear them. I love prim lashes too, which a lot of people seem to dislike. The rl nails in this flickr pic are bleh. It’s probably a man’s hand. In rl I’m on that fake nail boat, else I’d bite them. :)

  12. *musters up some self confidence & takes a breath*


    there i said it

    I like them, i think there are some really cute (Love Soul) and some incredibly well made (Mandala) ones inworld.

    In RL i have nice sensible short nails. I can’t grow them long coz they split & break, so for me, wearing cute prim ones is my overcompensation – i wholeheartedly admit that is the case.

    I agree though, you see some HoochieMamas out there that make me cringe in RL each time their Av swings their arm close by me – I feel like their talons are about to sever one of my limbs :O

  13. marls says:

    ohhh Noodle.
    *holds you tightly*
    shhhh. don’t speak… you know I love you. no matter the prim nails.

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