Kurotsubaki and David Cross.

I’m in love with Kurotsubaki. Designer sato Yifu has stolen my heart with her retro inspired DIRECT FROM JAPAN imported cuteness. Dear FUCKING God is her store great. If you have never ever been there, you must go NOW… really. I mean it. GO! NOW! Here’s the SLurl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Drowsy/57/128/24

Old Clothes Shirts are amazing! Each are priced at 150 linden and come with prim collar, sleeves and two versions of the top. They are total retro hipster goodness. Wonkey colors, crazy designs and perfect texturing.

Same goes for the Corduroy Half Pant, you get two great versions. The bottoms go for 170 linden.

Seriously. Well worth the time to check out and get hip-A-fied. I said that word to my brother the other day and just about fell over laughing. It always makes me think of SQUAGLE routine by David Cross…… just sayin.

top – Kurotsubaki…………. Old Clothes Shirt – tulip B
bottom – Kurotsubaki…………. Corduroy Half Pants – brown
shoes – Tesla…………. High Oxfords – gold
eyes – Eponym…………. basic brown – pale
skin – LeLutka …………. Eclat Fair makeup3
hair – MADesigns Hair…………. Chris – irish coffee (free thru some hunt)
pose – Twosome

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