The point is to show the Twosomes clothing can also be applied to Goth or Punk Individuals

It’s cold as fuck all today. If you say that in a room full of New Englanders, at least 9 out of 10 of them will tell it’s because there was no cloud coverage in the sky last night. I love living in the country, as much as the city. It appeals it this very mother earth thing inside of me. It’s like not only do I know the lyrics to every classic rock song of the 1970’s, but I also know that when there is a ring of light around the moon it will probably rain the next day.

I don’t know who said “country living is good living” but I think they were half way to “right”. It is good living but only if you slow the fuck down and let it come inside your house. Maybe serve it a nice cuppa and ask how it’s doing.

If I believed in souls, I would say that country living is good for healing bruised souls. Sometimes it’s really fucking hard, just like the city, but if you let it in it will heal you. I do believe in hearts and I guess the same would apply there, too.

top – Twosome…………. A Lady’s Blouse – white dots
tutu – &bean…………. Signaling Thru the Flames – colored it black
panties – Schadenfreude…………. White Button Fly Manties
tights – Sheer…………. Nylons Zebra – black
bangles – Jasha…………. Tahta Bracelet – silver
earring – Shadethrone…………. Feather – cyan
shoes – R2…………. Anela – onyx
eyes – Poetic Colors…………. autumn tarn
hair – Red Queen …………. Spite – teal (group gift)
skin – CSTar ………….Embrase 2.0 Evil Skin 8.1
poses – DARE

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3 thoughts on “The point is to show the Twosomes clothing can also be applied to Goth or Punk Individuals

  1. Ahh, yes I totally agree with your take on the country friend. The time that I lived in the country was so very much well appreciated and good for my heart and soul.

    Great post, you sexy minx you.

  2. Marls says:

    thanks dollface :)

  3. Shelby Wrangler says:

    Point proved Marly :-)
    Thanx lots for a different view on Twosome’s blouse!!

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