I’ve had a LOT of coffee today

I got my bloggers copy of the new Pacadi dress Amba, and I have to say it’s just as delicious as their unmentionables set they release a few weeks ago. I didn’t blog that particular release because it seemed well fucking covered despite it only being a bra, panties and belt. So! This time I’m trying to get off my fucking ass and blog the dress.

Let’s see. The belt really is some clever shit and I’m glad to see that they are utilizing a good thing. I couldn’t help but go to town in my new mohawk from KMADD.

SIDENOTE: Has anyone else noticed that KMADD’s shop layout is the worst? I mean everything is spread out for fucking miles. It takes forever to rez because everything is so god damn far apart! Jesus. A fucking dinosaur could be camping there, and he still wouldn’t be able to see the fucking new releases.

/me rant over.

The Pacadi Jasha Ltd Designer Avatar Glasses are pretty rad, too. I mean, who doesn’t love feeling like Erik Estrada from CHiPS? Would you please step out the car, sir?


dress – Pacadi …………. Amba Silk Dress – light blue
glasses – Pacadi…………. Designer Aviator Glasses – turquoise
ring – UZURI …………. Chifu Ring
earrings – UZURI…………. Dalya Earrings
stockings – DARE…………. Lace Stockings – goldy
shoes – Kalnins…………. Digna
eyes – MADesigns…………. cyan
hair – MADesigns…………. Seth – GBL III
skin – Dutch Touch ………….Jolie Cream Pip7
poses – Bettiepage Voyager

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4 thoughts on “I’ve had a LOT of coffee today

  1. you look so adorable.
    nom. nom. nom.

  2. Marls says:

    heh. thanks sweetpea. I’m gonna go shower now. My butt is dirty.


  3. okrebecca says:

    kmadd more like kmaddening :( great hunt gifts though, super generous, and unisex hair is the ish.

  4. marls says:

    you’re right. they have been AMAZINGLY generous.
    /me gives KMADD a big hug.

    however… I do wish they would redesign their shop! I would gladly give them a design layout and coordinate the effort. I’m that kinda girl… a pushy cunt (I believe is what it’s called).

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