Town & Country NOT so fucking much….

According to a Magazine Death Pool blog I read, Town and Country magazine’s advertising sales dropped 45.6% in the last eighteen months.

Will this be the end of peddling glossy pages to the rich and pretentious?
Will we, the hard working middle class, ever care?
Stay tuned, Kids. We’re just getting started.

So Sylvia brought me over to Bare Rose a few weeks ago to look at some great kimonos that were for sale. HOLY SHIT is that place PACKED with designs. It just happened to be rather late in the day and I calmly cammed a good portion of the ladies fashions bit by bit. Thus, I am peddling the Chidori Habit outfit! This is a great little number that ONLY costs 140 linden. All parts are layered and there is even and another color version included in the sale. For that small price, it’s an AMAZING deal.

However, that brings us to actually FINDING the outfit at Bare Rose. Don’t give up hope yet, my lovers. This is fantastic number is also available at Sasy Scarborough‘s sim, The Deck. Here is the SLurl which will drop you right in front of the shop:

Really, this is a great little outfit and comes with so many useable parts for mixing and matching.
At 140 linden, who can say NO!?

outfit – Bare Rose…………. Chidori Habit
shoes – Last Call …………. VAMP Boots (no longer in business – sorry)
eyes – Poetic Colors…………. Autumn – tan
skin – Ma Peau …………. Pink Metallic V2.0
hair – ROGE…………. Group Gift (09.11) (FREE)
poses – Striking Poses

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7 thoughts on “Town & Country NOT so fucking much….

  1. Aww you look so pretty.

    Hell, I don’t even think I’ve ever even wiped my nose on town and country. *shrugs*

  2. Bare Rose is total fashion crack. It’s like going to a really great thrift store and rummaging through tons of stuff to find treasure. Great prices and, as you noted, usually lots of options within each outfit. Love the look and narrative, as always!

  3. That blouse is adorable!

  4. Marls says:

    my friend colleen thought so too! the blouse rocks.

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