Death of a Songbird

I’m laying there cold, stretched out to the world. These are my final moments. It was never supposed to go down like this but what do you get when you take one dame that only knows the language of the blues and of one fella that speaks of love in a fake french accent.

Of course it would end badly.

Words by Sylvia Olivier
Picture by Marleen Vaughan

As I lay here drawing in my last breath I think that movie we saw that day when it rained and you used your jacket to cover my hair.. you were laughing and I was too. We trying to shake off the drops of rain that that clung to my white dress making it nearly see through..and I watched your eyes grow dark watching you watch the fellas smile at me.. then you wrapped me in your jacket.. soon after it was the first time that we made love and to think it started all because of that movie and the rain.

I think of that movie now.. what’s it called again… and so it goes something like this “Why did you have to come to Casablanca? There are other places…. Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine…” Only baby you.. stumbled into mine.

As you choked me I could hear the screaming of sirens.. the scuffling of footsteps after you had fired that shot. I watched in horror as that bullet ricocheted off of a exploding glass of wine and then reel toward me in mid-song on the stage. The dame had seen too much.. and so the pain of a thousand heartbreaks collided with my chest.. and then sinking in with a pop and a zing I could feel smoke tumble out of my heart. You are a great shot.. You never miss a mark.

That first time we made love you whispered “My Songbird, my little love..sing for me
Oh and from that day until now where I lay to die.. I did..

I’m just a silly dame for believing it was me that you loved and never knowing fully that it was really the cash box that you wanted. You got to me, made me soft with your kisses and knocked the edge out of my voice. I never knew love like this. You parted open my body taking my love and sneaking in uninvited until I could forget what It was like before you were there.. and I felt like you there fitting me like a glove moving hands in the darkness over the burning parts of me. Under your fingers now I’ve died twice both in different ways.

The bullet didn’t do the job so the mob boss told you to “finish off the girl..” You paused but ..see baby I know you had to do it.. It was your life or mine.. and who would miss just another silly dame? You knelt over me as I lay confused.. vibrating with unfathomable pain shocked.. as your brought your face down to mine you tugged open my bottom lip sucking it in and telling me to shush… It was your last kiss before the final kiss of death and I thought you were comforting me until your hands roughly constricted around my neck choking out my very last breath.

Oh, my lover.. how could it be so bitter sweet.

The darkness claims me and I feel lighter as my body raises up now in the form of a bird. I am finally free and floating and wildly beating my wings growing stronger with each new breath. Your bird, your song bird..

But dear lover this songbird will haunt you one day and slowly peck at your guilt snatching out your eyes while you sleep and singing a soft sirens tune into your ear.

NOIR Club by Luna McMillan of Luna’s Boutique

Skin by Ugly Duck (group gift)
Eyes by Poetic Colors – Fairy Tale Eyes in Hansel -Dark (sale price)
Hair – Truth in Hannah
Dress – Ivalde – Vicky
Shoes – Maitreya in Verve
Bracelet – Mandala in Lotus

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12 thoughts on “Death of a Songbird

  1. riotgrrrl says:

    That is darkly beautiful, utterly captivating! Also, such a perfect image to match such exquisitely dark words. Bravo!

  2. Awesome, Sylvia! I’m impressed and intrigued to know of anything else you may have written. :)

  3. Beebo Brink says:

    Well done, Sylvia!

    This is a level of writing I don’t expect to see in a fashion blog. A perfect blend of words and imagery.

  4. M. Vaughan says:

    Sylvia is to die for!

    I read too many comics.
    *pees herself a little because she’s so happy!*

  5. Wow. Excellent use of 600 words. :)

  6. missshellbee says:

    oooOOoooOOOooooooOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOoooo *swoons*

  7. Uglee says:

    <3 it ! You rawk gurlie !!

  8. Drin Brewster says:

    Evocative and powerful writing. A wonderful little short story. More please Sis..

  9. Shyayn Lusch says:

    I’m sorry, did you think this was about writing something worth reading? Look people… I just wanna see some pretty pictures accompanied by a little designer ass kissing. Now pucker up or GTFO the fashion feeds!

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