Rachel REDUX

For those of you that haven’t heard, the new Tableau sim was opened to the public today. Yes yes… of course you’ve heard. Everyone and their mother was there most of the day (and night). OY VEY! It was a high school reunion. You see someone on your radar, and then run the other way. Good times. Good Times.

Well, what you might NOT have seen at the new Tableau was the RACHEL store. It seems they (whoever “THEY” are) felt the need to tuck her all the way on the other side of the sim, on her own personal island, with nothing of interest around her. This saddened me.

Thru the covered bridge to get to the RACHEL shop.

So, in order to correct this GROSS oversight by the evil “THEY”, I am posting a bunch of pictures of the RACHEL store. Firstly, you can find a direct teleport here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tableau/184/212/25

The front entrance to her shop. Go thru the guardsmen.

about the RACHEL shop
Rachel Breaker sells some of the most original design concepts in SL. As a trained painter in real life, you can see that Rachel has amazing talent. All of her work follows a sort of “Looney Toons on Lithium” design scheme. She has developed a strict color palette that is both vibrant and unavoidable. Her sculpted prims are all made in Blender, which she learned just for SL.

Photo of Rachel Breaker

While some fashionistas may not be bold enough to take on her whimsy, I think most could embrace it easily if they just lightened the fuck up. I do hope you’ll thoroughly explore the sim, including the RACHEL shop. I realize that we’re all going to be passing out handjobs to the designers of Tableau, but let’s not overlook anyone – kk?

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6 thoughts on “Rachel REDUX

  1. this in in my opinion is highly sad to push such an interesting and colorful shop and design “out in the boonies” of the sim… and I never would have saw it if I had not been teleported there… wouldn’t have even noticed it?

    in fact its pushed behind an unused ugly red barn. why hide this light under a bushel? let it shine and dare to discover something unique.

  2. p.s. no one puts baby in the corner.

  3. Shyayn Lusch says:

    LMFAO. Thanks for (1) giving me a reason to drag my D-List ass over to Tableau and (2) saying the whole handjob thing so I didn’t have to. BRAVO!

  4. Marls says:

    Come on Sylvia – let’s dance it out.

    On a side note, I find that mentioning handjobs is funny, ironic AND true.

  5. Tracy Smothers says:

    ULTRA MEGA MASS HOMICIDE! If anyone says anything bad about Rachel breaker EVERYBODY DIES

  6. Marls says:


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