Post Script: New Years Day

I’ve been knee deep in the story stories of Dorothy Parker over the last few days. Sometimes it feels great to hibernate away from the world. Cut off all ties and just lay in bed. Read. Watch some great movies. Listen to the quiet of everything.

The Quiet Vacationer. That should be the title of a book or movie. That’s me. I never travel to sunny locals that have floofy drinks served with umbrellas. It’s not to say that I hate the sun and sand…but I hate the sun and sand. You know? Spending a holiday trying to get sand out of your ass and nursing a horrible sunburn because you’re whiter than an egg, equals a shit time for Marleen.

Give me museums! Give me HUGE book stores where you find cats sleeping on bookshelves! Give me small streets that I can photograph quietly! Give me comic book stores with the complete works of Moore or Morrison or Ennis! Give me exhibits that I can lean oh-so-closely to the art! Give me huge wandering parks to lull around and people watch! Most importantly, give me books and naps and relaxing dinners where you eat and have great conversations for 4 hours at a time! That’s my ideal holiday.

Fuck sun and sand.
Fuck chaffing.
Fuck that whole lot of it.
The Quiet Vacationer never uses sun screen.

top – Tyranny Designs…………. Invested – sky
skirt – RunoRuno …………. Patent Skirt – white
necklace – RunoRuno …………. Patent Skirt Necklace
socks – Blue Blood …………. The Lonely Doll Socks
earring – Shadethrone…………. Feather Earring (group gift)
shoes – J’s …………. Laceup Short Boot (group gift)
lashes – OMFG …………. Lash Factor Gifty (group gift)
eyes – HOOT …………. Yuletide Eyes – blue/green
skin – LeLutka …………. Estelle Light – makeups 2 w/ volumizer
hair – Clawtooth…………. Timeless Glamour – beachy keen
poses – Sweet Lovely Cute

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3 thoughts on “Post Script: New Years Day

  1. missshellbee says:

    Oh my lovely..I could teach you the appreciation of the sound of the surf without burn and chaffing. Trust me little one.

    I digs the feather earrings!!!

  2. Your perfect vacation is exactly mine. Let’s run away together.

  3. Marls says:

    LET’s GO NOW!
    My passport is ready and waiting!

    (Michelle, go to shadethrone – they are a free group gift… i can’t take them off. I love them so much!)

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