Here’s one for the ladies….

Sylvia and I were playing “NEW STORE”… here’s how you play. You bring your BFF, BF, GF, significant other or what have you to a shop they haven’t been to. Then, in return, they do the same for you. It’s a simple concept. If you add voice, tons of sugar and some zany Japanese sims – it equals a pretty good time.

I have written about *deviant girls* before, and as you know, I am a big fan. This nurses uniform, Shena Hospital, was for sale at their main store. For 200 linden you get a shit load of stuff: uniform, badge, hat (which they adorably call “hut”), arm bandage and prim collar. As you can see, it’s well made and totally saucy. Why not raise one for the ladies in white who work those long hours helping the sick and wounded? *raises glass*

I matched it up with Olive Juices new poses from her Victorian set. I love these poses because they appear to be timeless. Any of you bloggers covering the VAUDVILLE stuff at Designers United, these would be an asset. Stand yourself next to a prop, like a wooden chair or antique table and you’ve got yourself a fuckin’ act. *thumbs up*

Stay warm out there and love up on a nurse today!

uniform – *deviant girls *…………. SHENA HOSPITAL uniform
stockings – DARE …………. Lace Stockings – goldy
glasses – VintageWear …………. Classic Frames – gold
watch – AMPro Rides …………. Alpha SpeedMaster (out of business – sorry)
earrings – DECO…………. Mannequin
shoes – Tesla …………. High Oxfords – gold
eyes – YUM YUM …………. Glassy – blue
skin – YS & YS …………. Nicole – light with freckles (group gift)
hair – Miel…………. Sunday hair – blonde II 5
poses – Olive Juice – Victorian Set

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2 thoughts on “Here’s one for the ladies….

  1. Sylvia Olivier says:

    hehe sugar helps but yeah.. it’s pretty much an awesome game. also depends highly on the company that you keep. :)

    as always you look awesome.

  2. When are we playing New Store???? I WANNA TOOOOO!!!! *cries* Ok, enough sniveling. Aw, you look badass, semi-homicidal, and lady-like all at once :D. THUMBS UP! Thank you for talking about my poses too, I might have blushed a leetle. You are the best Marlspants. Mountains of heart shaped BALLS for you!!! <<<<3333

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