Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too…*

We’ll talk about the extra hours later. I’m not sure if it will be counted as overtime pay or comp time. We just need to see how every adds up and figures. *heh* You know what I mean. We’re all accountants, right?  Oh, and about the departmental Christmas decorating contest. You know we won that 3 years in a row. We certainly don’t want to lose this year to the General Ledger group, DO WE?? NO! I mean let’s not let their recent layoffs make us soft! So let’s show some competitive spirit!! If everyone just puts in two hours of volunteer time, off the work clock of course, I’m SURE we can win again this year! Oh, and our decorating funds have been depleted so anything you buy to get things looking REALLY good will be considered your gift and donation. Thanks and HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! Looking forward to next year!

When I created this avatar to resemble my boss, I had no idea of the challenges that awaited me. First, why does ‘business casual’ in SL mean my tits are hanging out? And doesn’t this virtual shit stretch like a one-size-fits-all Christmas slipper? Apparently not. Finding clothes specifically made for larger sized avatars depends on knowing the correct search terms. The gold mine term ‘BBW’ yielded the most options.  I was curious to see what was available and let’s just say..it was “whore”ific! The overwhelming impression of choosing the BBW route means you are also down for some pretty heavy fetish sexual activity and has SL got the clothes for that! I’ll let the motto for one of the BBW stores speak for me..and I quote..”Here to make all ladies feel beautiful and making sure they flaunt it too!” My main message is, if you have a larger avatar then shopping for clothes that fit and don’t say ‘I’m ready to hit the clubs’ is going to be a challenge.  I did find one store that offered decent business casual wear with a helpful message on how to wear and adjust….”Simply edit your appearance and dial down the butt and breasts for a better fit!” Yeaaaah…thanks for the hint. (Please read with all the dripping sarcasm you can muster.)

What I learned about clothing the larger sized avatar for the work casual look: 1. ALWAYS demo shoes. 2. If pictured, look for shirts that have strong design for a clean finish to the bottom edge that doesn’t hover above the pant line. 2. Don’t even think about purchasing pants that advertise ‘low rise’. 3. Avoid prim clothing unless you really want to work hard for your look. Your AO may interfere with the prim even when you think it’s sized right. 4. For skirts, the best looking are glitch pants with prim pleats that need patience and work to fit but, if done right, totally worth it. 5. Be leery of print that may blur when stretched over large areas of the avatar shape. If anyone has tips for dressing larger sized avatars, please let me know. I have to mention that for more realistically proportioned shapes and more clothing options with less tramp factor, try BBW Plus size clothes, shapes, & skins.

BTW, I totally got hit on using this avatar. I was complimented up and down about not being thin and looking like everyone else. That ROCKS! And let it be known, my boobs were not hanging out.

*title quote courtesy of the movie “Office Space”.

Hair …..Bob in Gold by Bettiepage Voyager $100

Skin …..Eudora by Eloh Eliot $free at the Gnubie store

Shape …custom made by ME!

Glasses …Mildred by Cat Eye Boutique $140

Necklace …Alkahi Inferno by Alamood $350 (includes choker, cuff, earrings, 2 rings, & resizing script)

Complete Outfit …MS Jane Dress 50 by Identity $190

Shoes …Boudoir by Kalinins $800 (includes sizing and color hud for shoes, skin, & nail polish)

Tortured Peon Employee …Marleen Vaughan $priceless

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2 thoughts on “Oh, oh, and I almost forgot. Ahh, I’m also gonna need you to go ahead and come in on Sunday, too…*

  1. Marls says:


  2. Yay! Great post!

    SL DOES need more options for plus sized Avatars that don’t make you look like a whore or fetish.

    It’s bad enough that I believe my avatar to be under weight and I still even have to scale down stuff or worse yet find clothing that does no have that wonderful menu that sizes up or down. Sometimes stretching things ruins them for me because I’m not great at it in the first place and then.. voila I have a ruined outfit.

    Anyhow great look and great post :)

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