The New Woman

There was something warrior about the clothing at the LeLutka ULTRA fashion show, a strength and virility. She transformed traditionally masculine icons into a New Woman: a powerful woman. A woman that divines and wields something that we cannot touch or take away, thus liberating her from her counterpart.

You may see LeLutka as another Second Life high end shop, but I see it as a form of art. Each work is a composition of color, texture, presence and composition. It simulates your senses and compels you to wonder. Art is such an amazing word because it allows for so much to happen. Call me sentimental, but I love the idea of manifesting a new version of you.

LeLutka’s greatest inspiration for the show was Edgar Allan Poe. I have only studied a few of his works, but there is a mark left by him over this line of clothing. Poe loved the mysterious woman, like a young girl loves a unicorn. She is magical, mystical, untouched and pure, hard, and dangerously beautiful.

I am just extrapolating here…. Maybe the roles we take on ourselves and throw at each other make us righteous and thick with prejudice. Maybe I, WE, should know and do better. The Warrior should meet the Unicorn and create something higher, humble and with humanity.

The New Woman: Everything she is, she will be and where she has been….

All this from a fashion show…it was better than sex.

Photos by Marleen Vaughan
Modeled by Sylvia Olivier and Marleen Vaughan
Clothing by LeLutka ULTRA
Setting by embryo

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7 thoughts on “The New Woman

  1. Polina.K says:

    I love the picture you made with those clothings , it shows them in their best angle.

  2. i love your description here and how you spun this.

    i never know what you are going to write until i see the final outcome cause i’m always caught in these brilliant moments of awe. hehe no one knows how much fun we have doing this.

    in a few weeks i’ve learned much from you. i thank you for being a great friend to me and inviting me to be a part of this blog.

    i really admire how you laid this out. many kudos to you my friend. it looks better than i ever pictured.

  3. M. Vaughan says:

    Thanks Sylvia! It has been so much fun working with you on this blog. You’re an excellent muse and have turned something rather lonely, into a new community. I can’t wait to see what we do next! HEHEHE!

    And yeah…those crows at EMBRYO were NUTS! It was fucking hilarious.

  4. it takes a strong woman like you to make justice to such a bold collection! You made some photographic art here, dear! I LOVE the one with the sun in your back..that one blows my mind! LOVE!

    • marls says:

      Thanks, sweetpea!
      SL EMERALD has some amazing lighting settings. Plus, the embryo sim is freakin’ too cool for school. They made art… i was just the monkey snapping away! HAHAHAHA. Now get over here and let me pick through your hair for lice! YUM!

  5. okrebecca says:

    amazing pics :O particularly love the rosettes on the one dress! but…are you suggesting unicorns and warriors hump? :O the starlustians might have something to say about that

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