Happy Muther F**kin’ Holidays

I love the holidays. No really. I mean it. I love it when when the family demons get together and really escalate the party because what the holidays really mean is “Dysfunction Junction, what’s your function?” It’s really special when one decides to start things early just to make things interesting. Like the Mother-In-law Demon. She REALLY knows how to have a good time. She can throw down a particularly powerful guilt spell like the one I just got via email. And I quote “I can’t remember ever having a Christmas without (insert boyfriend’s/hubby’s name here)….since he was born…..its hurtful beyond words……..it is not our fault that he is where he is but with you encouraging him i guess we’ve lost him. Have a giggly wonderful Christmas.” SNARK!  HAPPY Holidays everyone!

If there is one thing I love about SL is the ability to express your demons in a safe and non-threatening environment. During my search to create my special demon I found that the “aged” skin is not a piece easy to find. Most that claim to be aged represent maybe between 35 to 45 and have only a slightly haggard look for the female. Males, however, have a much easier time finding aged looks that represent the legal senior citizen age and beyond. This further solidifies the social stigma of being an older female. Thanks SL. One of my favorite places to look for items representing the ‘golden years’ are products created by the Wrigglesworth family; RL daughter Rosalind, mother Esther, and father Mordechai. I heart you! You can find them in-world only at Tableau which is currently off limits until the construction dust settles…hopefully by the new year. Otherwise, search them on X-street. They have all kinds of fun goodies such as the sweater shown. You must check them out! I don’t have their skin in this picture but I would if the store wasn’t closed. This skin is a great piece that, if you look carefully enough, has that wonderful shading of the *gasp..could it be??* granny beard. Dreamy. This baby..er granny, comes complete with outfit, shoes, hair, and shape. It’s modifiable too for adding some extra saddlebaggage if you so feel inclined! Consider the L$500 a good deal since I believe I found every single wrinkled skin out there.  And I have nothing but praise for Fashionably Dead! Talk about heaven when I found stirrup pants AND jellies in the same store!! If you want the off-beat, go THERE!

Sweater – Wrigglesworth…….Dazzling Dancing Cats $98

Pants – Fashionably Dead…..Stirrup Pants $100

Shoes – Fashionably Dead…..Jellies in Blueberry $150 (gets you two color variations)

Skin – Tuty’s & MrSigumund Creations….Sweet Carmen $500

Hair – All That Hair…………..Elia $125


6 thoughts on “Happy Muther F**kin’ Holidays

  1. /me waves!
    i’m totally digging that sweater. great post :)

  2. Miss Shellbee says:

    Heehee..yeah..jellies make my toes curl!

  3. Shyayn Lusch says:

    LOL! Thanks so much for your post. Mother-In-Law-Demon is the F*UCKIN’ WORST! You seem to have recreated mine with pinpoint accuracy. <3

  4. missshellbee says:

    You have my sympathies, Shyayn. Maybe we should swap stories and strategize to hone our defensive skills against the evil M-I-L Empire!

  5. “This further solidifies the social stigma of being an older female. Thanks SL.”

    Miss ShellBee YOU ARE GENIUS!

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