No. I didn’t forget my blouse.

I just chose not to WEAR one. That’s right, hookers.
Mama has some new trousers and she’s not afraid to walk around topless in them.

God DAMN! These pants are cool. The belt is sculpted and the ruffles are flex prims. The pants are only 100 linden and well worth it. Look at them! They are adorable! G Sloane offers them separate or matched with a blouse. Frankly, I was too in enamored with bottom that the top seemed rather pointless.

The skin is from Dr. Life which specializes in Asian skins. If you have been looking for a proper Asian skin, this is the place for you. I will blog more about this shop later, so sit tight kids. Mama will be back later for that Very Special Episode.

G Sloane Couture SLurl:

trousers– G Sloane Couture…………. Ruffle Pant – black
bangles – G Sloane Couture…………. casual 3
eyes – YUMYUM…………. black
heels – Maitreya …………. Slinky Stilettos – silver
skin – Dr. Life …………. Yuyan Fair – 3
hair – JUNWAVE…………. YUKO – black
poses – Luth

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4 thoughts on “No. I didn’t forget my blouse.

  1. sylviaolivier says:

    love that skin. nice nipples. and truly the pants move so well.

  2. Will the Very Special Episode include Important Lessons Learned by All followed by a Hearty Laugh at a Wholesome Closing Joke? I certainly hope so! Perhaps an appearance by Markie Post or Meridith Baxter Bernie?

  3. Marls says:

    Speaking of Baxter! did you know she JUST came out of the closet this past week? it was like “DUH!” Did you ever see the made-for-tv-movie on Lifetime television where she plays the FUCKED up divorced woman out to KILL her exhusband his new wife? good stuff. classic.

  4. sylviaolivier says:

    oh em gee? i never saw it coming that she was gay. *shakes her head in awe*

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