Thank GawD we all got the new Lamb hair!

This “beauty of a hair” has appeared (so far) over ten times in the first two pages of the Fashion Feed!


I  was worried we were all trying something new!
But luckily, everyone got the notecard!
I am so relieved – I could pee myself.


18 thoughts on “Thank GawD we all got the new Lamb hair!

  1. Much the same with most new popular items. Lelutka skin and clothes, Maitreya shoes…

    Honestly, I didn’t get this hair for 50L Friday…

    Only because I paid full price earlier in the week *grumbles*

  2. sylviaolivier says:

    *cries and looks up at my post*
    So much I have to learn.


  3. sylviaolivier says:

    you are so funny.

  4. Marls says:

    I’m a bitter old bitch.
    Don’t mind me!
    Love your pOST!

  5. msrobbiani says:

    Make your own darn hair then, and make it good. If it was good people would buy and blog it too. If you spew out snark then expect it to come back at you. >_>

  6. A Concerned Parent says:

    I have never felt so betrayed by a designer with a new release. When a designer like Lamb with such a reputation for such ordinary hair releases something like this, I am thrust into a furious fit! Guh! Lamb, if you are reading this, next time you make such a dangerously risky hairstyle, can you PLEASE do us top models a favor!!! and place a warning on the ad HMM!! Maybe like: “You must be attractive to wear me!” THAT WOULD SAVE ME A LOT OF TIME THX!!!!

  7. I love that hair so much I won’t buy it!LOL..for now..

  8. Marls says:

    being snarking is FUN!
    it IS a beautiful hair!
    lamb does some bad ass shit.

  9. OMG…I lurves you ^.^

  10. Marls says:

    thanks Ms Jenkins!
    I loves you too.

  11. […] fact! If you actually read what I wrote, you can see clearly it is a sarcastic dig on fellow bloggers – NOT the hair itself. Silly girls! […]

  12. LOL people thought this was a slam against lamb? God what a bunch of superficial twats, they can’t even see it was a slam against them, ha. AND FOR THE RECORD, I love Lamb hair but didn’t buy it because 2 million people blogged it!

  13. marls says:

    Yeah.. they got really mean too.
    That Stein sure does have a personality disorder.
    oh well.
    can’t make everyone happy!

  14. EEK I faux pas’d. I just commented on the original post and didn’t realize Lamb was upset – I thought it was the superficial twat bloggers, LOL. Oh well what can I say sometimes media overkill kills a good thing for designers. For the record Lamb I love your hair and its very obvious the bloggers were the joke here and not you. Hugs.

  15. I’m late… cus i’m always late, i run on Asian time! I will say i BOUGHT the hair (oh yes i did) but won’t be blogging it til months later just so i can be all vintage (new to vintage in SL takes 3-4 months) and shit like that!

    That’s just how i ROLL!!!

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