Snow Closings

Western Massachusetts just got WHAMMED with a big snow storm, as did most of the northern US from what I hear. I love snow, but I’m a nervous driver. I get all white knuckled and my heart starts pounding. It’s horrible, so I petitioned to work from home today and it worked!

Remember this old favorite from Aoharu? I dug the olive Military Coat out of my inventory last night and I was so pleased it still rocks my socks! I am sure they still have it on sale there. Probably cheaper, now that it’s a year old. Definitely worth a look-see!

Then I got a new hair/hat from Argrace. It was a little expensive at 250 linden a pop, but I really liked the simple style and great hat. Sometimes I think all the hat/hairs for wintertime make avies look like 12 year old school girls. Like this there “pederast” (a la The Big Lebowski) overseeing all the female fashion for the winter season. Sorta creeps me out if I think about it too long. Oh well.

I wish Argrace followed the format W&Y uses with color bundles. I really like buying a few browns together and having it color scripted. Granted W&Y is way more affordable, so if you’re not thrilled with the Argrace prices go to W&Y.

IsabellaGrace Baroque of Olive Juice passed me some new poses featured in the graphic. The full body pose is called “San Fran Lili” and it’s modeled after the real life Lili Revnik posing for a photo. How cool is that!? I think that’s a brilliant fucking idea. To browse some of her pose sets, check her flickr: I heart her poses, they are fun, playful and perfect for any blogger you know!

Happy Snowing!

coat – Aoharu…………. Military Coat – olive
top – This Is Fawn…………. Deep V Neck – saffron
jeans – Decoy…………. Genesis 10 – dark rust
belt – Maitreya…………. BF Jeans Belt
boots – KBoots …………. brown
skin – LeLutka…………. Estelle – sunkissed makeup 6
hair – Argrace…………. Knit Beret Flare Curl – black
poses – Olive Juice

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4 thoughts on “Snow Closings

  1. I hear ya on the white knuckle driving thing. After years of experience, I still get really stressed about driving in the snow.

    Love the look and I am totes gonna check out Bella’s poses!

  2. Marls says:

    yeah. i’m a total pussy when it comes to the snow. i’ve had so many near misses that I don’t wanna fuck with it anymore. I sit there and think.. is going to work really THAT important?

  3. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady says:

    here in CT we got2 inches but now it is sleeting so I guess it will be an icy drive home – luv the eastcoast!!! NOT

  4. I love her poses. I wouldn’t mind a few slutty girl poses for a series I am working on ha. Her poses really fit my avatar.

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