Felix means Bringer of JOY!

It’s difficult to see past all the bullshit during the Christmas season. Between the KAY Jeweler commercials that make me wanna vomit and the constant “I got this on SALE” bragging rights of coworkers over lunch break, it amazes me I survive the holiday without A. killing someone or B. killing myself or C. both.

That’s not to say that I’m a horrible Grinch. There are certain memories and things about the holidays that I adore. So I don’t make this another bitch-fest session, let me tell you two great memories I have of my parents. I’m gonna share these in honor of a good friend of mine, Chance Greatrex. He had a beautiful baby boy, Felix, just a few days ago. May he have so MANY wonderful Christmases to share with his growing family.

My Dad.
The first time I ever saw my dad cry was over Christmas. We were watching A Christmas Story on that channel that plays it non stop for like 24 hours. I don’t remember which station that is – not important. Remember the scene where the little kid comes down the stairs in the pink bunny suit? Well, THAT scene made my Dad cry. He was crying because he was laughing so hard. He was bent over, tears were rolling down his cheeks and he was making this sorta squeaking noise trying to get air to his lungs. It was a pretty fucking great Christmas moment for me and one I will always treasure.

My Mom
I am the only girl my mom had and as such, I was entitled to learning some domestic skills when I was young. My mom thought it would be a fantastic idea to make Christmas cookies. Each cookie would be cut, baked and then frosted by hand …. by me. We started the project very early in the day, acquiring all the necessary ingredients which we NEVER had on hand. Diligently, we worked on rolling out the dough and carving up all of the different shapes: bells, santas, hearts, bows, candy canes and trees. Then came the task of frosting them. This took HOURS and HOURS. I warn you, any new parent, DO NOT venture down this avenue without booking anything else important in your life for at least 16 hours minimum. It was insane. By evening, ALL JOY had been removed from the project. What was left was a mother and daughter; anger; resentment and a ton of cookies neither of us wanted to eat.

It was actually a lot of fun.

sweater – COCO…………. Turtleneck Sweater – black (FREE)
trousers – BOOM…………. Pantime Pants – black
ring – LaGyo…………. Volta Ring (FREE)
boots – J’s …………. Goth Lace Up Boots – black
skin – &Bean…………. Lake Last Weekend – pale freckles
hair – booN…………. LOK255 – black
poses – Long Awkward Poses

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5 thoughts on “Felix means Bringer of JOY!

  1. Marls says:

    love you too!

  2. okrebecca says:

    have you seen the kay jeweler’s ad with the deaf lady? WTF IS GOING ON THERE? a) he just met this deaf lady he wants to give diamonds to? b) she is actually his wife and she just went deaf but she already knows sign language and he has to catch up and learn ‘cuz he’s an idiot man? c) he is joking around with his deaf wife about ‘just learning a new sign’?

    ps-i love you three.

  3. Marls says:

    what out for the Hallmark commercial. You’ll be searching for razor blades….

  4. “Every Kiss begins with Kay”

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