BOOM + DARE = high as a kite.

Choice designer Aranel Ah of BOOM has done it again. Today she released some autumnal turtleneck sweaters that are fantastic. In the graphic, I am actually wearing the Men’s version. I dunno why but I love wearing the boy’s stuff more than the ladies. Maybe because in real life I am cursed with breasts and I hate them, so in Second Life I live out my deep rooted fantasies of having a more modest bosom to lay men’s heads upon. Some people like to fuck furries, I just want a nice B cup for my dirty pillows.

Okay, so back to Miss Ah’s gorgeous sweaters! Here’s the SLurl to her main store on Existence:

The tops have been packaged up into groups of four colors, or sold individually. Honestly, it would be much more cost effective to buy the Plump Packs at 350 linden. Each comes with all the usual suspects: gorgeous textures, sculpted prims for sleeves and collars, AND all the layer options you could hope for! Overall, it makes you love BOOM even more than you do already.

Next, DARE is taking part of the “Weekend Fever” which starts Saturday at 12AM. The theme for these poses is the color BLUE ie the sky and all that belongs in it. Be like a bird, be like a feather, or drop like a stone. You can do all of the above with Chance Greatrex‘s new poses. They will be priced at 50 linden, so chop-CHOP! Get ‘em while you can!

top – BOOM…………. Basic Turtleneck – rust Mens
bottom – Fishy Strawberry…………. Equinox Jeans – siena
tattoo – Garden of Ku…………. Angels & Demons – medium
ring – Uzuri…………. Chifu Ring
boots – KBoots …………. brown
eyes – Silhouette …………. Mood Eyes – sunny
skin – &Bean…………. Lake Betty – pale
hair – lamb…………. Whoop Dee Doo – snickers
poses – DARE (50L on Saturday)

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