Eat Your Heart Out, Stiletto Moody

That’s right. You and your $2,100 linden over priced, one color version of prim stilettos can walk straight off the grid. Finally the day has come when a proper competitor has blown them out of the water! THREE CHEERS! HIP! HIP! HORRAY!

I’ve never been a fan of Stiletto Moody. Remember when they only let group members even ENTER the shop? Seriously? Talk about elitist. Plus some of their past advertising campaigns are chock full of  misogyny mixed sexism. They are just “tits” and “ass” in lingerie with the model’s heads cropped out of the picture. Why bother with the head of a woman, right?

Yes,yes…I know S.M. has that free pair of shoes for their anniversary. Mazel –fucking- Tov. Honestly for the exorbitant price of their shoes, customers should get a hand-job and good night kiss too. BLEH! Well, enough about the over rated…

Kalnins Footwear has done it again. For only 800 linden, you get a beautiful pair of Sonata Stiletto heels that you can wear with just about anything. There is only one attachment point for these stems and so get out your cuffed pants, capris or any elaborately primed gown. Not only that, but it comes with the same HUD as my last posting . So for one pair, you get many color options that you can control on three different places on the shoe.

On top of this, I discovered a fantastic new store while trolling the Slaughter City shops. Deviant Girls is makes macabre fun! Everything is reasonably priced. I think the skirt cost me 80 linden and the top 100 linden (the top comes with sculpted sleeves and sweater bottom). Totally worth checking out today!

top – deviant girls…………. Ripped Border Sweater – red
skirt – deviant girls…………. Cut Off Skirt – red
shoes – Kalnins …………. Sonata
eyes – Mooney Eyes …………. glassy green
skin – &Bean…………. Lake Red Wings – pale
hair – Tiny Bird …………. Chelsea Hotel – wheat
poses – Long Awkward Poses

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11 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out, Stiletto Moody

  1. Yay! Good news. Let the pole dancers keep their Stiletto Moody.

  2. marls says:

    *throws confetti in the air*

  3. In all fairness.. I think Stiletto Moody has awesome designs, definitely better than most competitors, except maybe Maitreya Gold.

    However, on the more technical side the S.M. ‘prim foot’ shoes are awful. Their group gift came in three sizes, and none of them really fits at the ankle/leg joint, even after resizing the ankle. None of the competitors have this problem… so yes, definitely overpriced.

    And the sexism: did you ever see ‘L’Origine du monde’ (The origin of the world) by Gustave Courbet? One of the most awesome paintings I know – yeah, and no head :-)
    In other words, I wouldn’t hold -that- against them.

  4. Landra Beerbaum says:

    yes you are right… free shoes by stiletto moody? noooo but only for elite members… the group is closed *sic*. i m angry. i have purchased many pairs of S.M shoes. they have lost a customer. and the shoes are overprized. i like maitreya gold – wonderful high quality shoes for good prize. dear landra

  5. PhuckMe Sideways says:

    Izara, stick to your profession of sucking horses dicks! At least that’s impression you’re giving if you’re walking around in slutetto’s

    Stiletto Moody is an arrogant slime, vermin in SL. Her greed knows no bounds!

    I sincerely hope that someone copybots her entire collection and devalues her ass, so that she can cry like a bitch and leave SL with her ‘impossibly high’ arse impaled on her neck (where it always has been).


  6. marls says:

    Are you seriously comparing Stiletto Moody to Gustave Courbet?
    really? really, really?

    Isara, sweetie. Please please don’t do that. The implications are amazingly hurtful to Mr. Courbet. That composition is more than showing a headless woman, it is a statement of politics. Stiletto Moody couldn’t possibly even FATHOM this sort of compositional intellect. So, please pay more attention Art History 101 class.

  7. Laurenza Republic says:

    omg, i love Phu ckme’s comments! LOLOLOLOLOL girl, you are hilarious…

    marly, i agree with you 100% i own A pair of S.M. and those were paid for by a friend as a present when i was noob. what’s crazy is, they’ve broken on me twice, and both time, i’ve had to find the original box in my inv (thank god i saved it) and copied back into my inv in order to work.

    maitreya gold has wonderful design and just as nice as S.M. and i have to say Kahlins, for the money, is a great competitor. you can get all the colors, a hud, bare feet, everything…so very cool for the money

  8. marls says:

    Zedellbee said the same thing. She mistakenly bought a pair and they broke her on her. So lame for that freakin’ price.

  9. Destry Alecto says:

    Makes me wish I was a cross-dresser just to get in on the convo!! I <3 you Marls.. :)

  10. marls says:

    Thanks Dessy!
    You know… I’m not a cross dresser in SL, but I do play one on TV.

  11. jaxie says:

    OMG I sooo agree it’s time people woke up about Stiletto Moody instead of worshipping and fawning over her overpriced creations…All the artists who weep about the prices they would be getting if they sold their stuff in RL, puh-leeeze.

    I love Kalnin’s the designs are clean, lovely and the scripting is awesome, to top it off he actually appreciates his customers.

    Unlike a SM who had her customers waiting hours outside her doors for her “sale”, which ended up starting 3 hours later than posted. Then she neither apologized nor offered anything to her customers, nor deigned to answer anyone at all who spoke to her in chat. More fool me for even having waited an hour to get in, to find nothing really magical, or worth the time. That was the last time I ever entered her store.

    Yay, long live Kalnins!

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