To Write Love…

In Pushbutton Skolnick’s profile under her first life tab it says: “let’s see you do one thing as graceful as sylvia plath…” I don’t think that kind of grace exists anymore. It’s a marriage of coincidence that I happened to just finish reading The Bell Jar for the first time and received word about the To Write Love movement. Mental illness inhabits not only the person, but the entirety of their life: family, lovers, coworkers and even their teeth. How many depressed people do you know that brush their teeth regularly? Trust me on this one, it doesn’t come up on their ‘things to do‘ list.

I’ve only ever met less than a handful of people in my life that have never experienced mental illness directly. So, without pause, I can eagerly recommend they read The Bell Jar. For people who have experienced, write LOVE on yourself. Spread the word and end the shame associated with mental illness.

If you would like a free copy/transfer version of my LOVE tattoo – please send me a line. I would be more than happy to pass it out!


I saw the days and the year stretching ahead like a series of bright, white boxes and separating one box from another was sleep, like a black shade. Only for me, the long perspective of shades that set off one box from the next had suddenly snapped up, and I could see day after day glaring ahead of me like a white, broad infinitely desolate avenue.

It seemed silly to wash one day when I would only have to wash again the next.

It made me tired just to think of it.

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Chapter Eleven

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