Womanly Breasts Arrouse with Bella

Uzuri is Swahili for beauty. Pretty cool, huh? I thumbed through YouTube looking for some dialogue because I honestly never even heard Swahili spoken. When you hear it, you smile. It’s like the first taste of something sweet and once it hits your tongue, the corners of your mouth rise.

After all the drama last week Bella Bombast contacted me. She is the designer for Uzuri and passed me along the Bloggers Gift Pack. Two things struck me immediately: Bella’s jewelry was everything I wanted to wear in RL and her Jez skin line is the perfect for any Nubian Queen.


Bella has created some the best ethnic jewelry in Second Life I have ever seen. The attention to detail is flawless. Sometimes they are big chunky pieces and other times, delicate beaded work that beckons of the ultimate feminine touch. All the jewelry I saw was completely prim based, which is the ONLY way to go when jewelry is your medium. The bangle I am wearing in the graphic is free, start there and then you can begin to see the craftsmanship. For easy browsing, check her out on xstreet.

The Jez skin is priced at 990 linden and you get two versions: one bald and one with a hairline. The hairline version is perfect for dreadlocks. As you can see, the JOYA scarf wraps nicely and the natural hairline fits perfectly. I also tried this BOON hair, which worked just as well. The skin is naturally well lit. My favorite part is the chest. The breasts, sternum and collar bone are so womanly. It actually reminds me of Erykah Badu. Not that I have been staring at Madam Badu’s tits for hours…but… ah…. heh…. well… I sorta painted myself into a corner, didn’t I? Yeah, okay. The skin is GREAT. Really. Really.

Uzuri is located here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lila/32/49/23

top – Tryanny Designs…………. Shes Got Class – translucent
skirt – Zaara…………. Larin Skirt – tan
ear rings – Uzuri …………. Kipepeo
bangle – Uzuri …………. Furaha (free item)
shoes – J’s …………. Real Toe Studded Wedge – brown
eyes – Uzuri …………. Sunny Grey Eyes
skin – Uzuri…………. Jez – Dirty Smokey – Red Gloss (hairbase)
hair – JOYA …………. Lyne – Beliria Square
poses – Penny Dreadful Arcade

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One thought on “Womanly Breasts Arrouse with Bella

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