Post-Protest Comment Collection

I’ve been sitting here trying to think of how to approach my next post after the collection of comments gathered after the last. It was interesting reading the different perspectives. It was also interesting how one contrary blog receives more comments than nearly 30 posts (thus far) in the positive on

What’s up with that?

I mean clearly Mrs. Rezak feels a hell of a lot more strongly about this bullshit than I do. You all should be throwing your attention to HER, not my silly rant. You should be commenting HER writing and thanking her for her support. Instead, you’re clicking through my blog like it’s the latest porn site. It sorta makes me feel bad for Mrs. Rezak. Her work is really phenomenal and you can tell how much care and love she puts in it. Well, as a supportive gesture of her blog, in general, I’m going to add her site to my ‘choice writing’ section. Hip. Hip.


On with the show…

I have been meaning to blog Milk Motion’s Colette skin for some time. I bought it at the Skin Fair and it’s been sitting in my inventory blinking at me. I couldn’t really place why it was so difficult to match up with other items I enjoy. Then it dawned on me. Hair. I needed the right hair.

This is where Calico Ingmann Creations comes in… Holy Muther Puss Bucket! This place is the Mecca of dreamy hair styles! You want hair that makes you look like you’re in a realm of fantasy at 15 frames per second? Look no further! Calico is the place to go. Everything is super reasonably priced and just lovely.

I finally found the perfect match up with my dear Colette.
All is right with the world.

dress – Ingenue…………. Bye Bye Baby – plum
necklace – Miriel Everyday …………. Classic Necklace – silver/amber
shoes – Shiny Things …………. Tuli Pumps brown
eyes – Poetic Colors …………. dry soil
skin – Milk Motion…………. Colette – nude
hair – Calico Ingmann Creations …………. Jill – auburn
poses – Long Awkward Poses

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12 thoughts on “Post-Protest Comment Collection

  1. achariya says:

    *grin* it’s okay, my hit counts were above 1K for discrete visits yesterday, and I really couldn’t care less about “attention” in the way that you seem to desire it.

    My avatar name is Achariya Maktoum, by the way. You might want to change that in your post.

  2. marls says:

    Rezak is listed as the author. do you have a formal id?

    I’m good with my attention, lover. I’m glad your 30 posts got some hits! YAY!

  3. achariya says:

    My real-life name is Achariya Rezak.

    Do you still make hair? I seem to recall reviewing it some time ago.

  4. marls says:

    Nope. I gave it all up to buy a house for my family. Sold everything off and used the cash to fund the down payment.

    But if you wanna be mean about my product, please go ahead. I hate it all myself and was glad to be rid of it.

  5. achariya says:

    Why should I be mean? I was simply trying to remember when I chatted with you last. Would you like to get photographed and have your say in my blog?

  6. marls says:

    i thought in your words posted on PLURK and on my last post – I wasn’t a worthy advisory. What has changed your mind? or are you just placating my humble means?

  7. achariya says:

    *grin* So you aren’t going to take the opportunity I’ve offered?

    That’s fine. Enjoy your day, I’m off to work.

  8. marls says:

    I have my say here on coffeesmoke. Would you like to post on MY blog? Have you say out there? Consider it.

    ..and thank you for the offer. I still don’t know if you’re patronizing me or consider me an advisory, but I guess I will eventually find out one way or another.

  9. Fray says:

    Probably because you took the role of troll in this battle, and people feel strongly about this issue. Not a shock that people are more inclined to refute an insane argument than they are to shore up a position they agree with.

    Also, it’s ‘adversary.’ You should really proofread before you hit the Post button, makes you look dumb, and you probably don’t want that on your ‘conscious.’

  10. Marls says:

    yes yes Fray. You’re very smart.
    *pets your head*

  11. Michelle Babii says:

    Whatever…I always am in awe of your ability to be brave and to speak your mind. Hence the idea of the BLOG. Go figure.

  12. Indeed, the beauty of a blog is that it is your own and can be utilized how you wish. I find this blog highly refreshing even if Marls’s views are controversial. It beats everyone being falsely kind to one another. It takes bravery to voice your opinions even in the face of opposition.

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