Is anyone else struck by this “protest” for “creative rights” and standing up against “creative theft” as pretentious nonsense?

I’ve been away from Second Life for a few days, and going through the feeds I noticed all these ads published by the Usually, I thoroughly enjoy this blog from the photography, chosen designers, to the actual writing skills of the publisher. However, this content theft stuff reeks of pretentious self-righteousness.

the lady doth protest too much, methinks

1st. Any Photo Sourced Clothing Designer – Where the HELL do you think it comes from people?! *facepalms* It takes skillz to photoshop and shit – I totally get that. I really do. However, don’t declare your shit should be UBER protected because you managed to grab the wool off of a PRADA runway photo.

2nd. The GAP FASHIONiSTAs – People who design a basic one-color cami, sweater or pant in a rainbow spectrum are really going to claim copyright? Really? REALLY? You feel A-OK about that on your conscious? I hate to break it to you, lover, but you’re going to have sue every other shop on the grid if you want that to be your version of “originality”.

I’m A Bitch, Cunt, Whatever, For Writing this…
Yes yes yes. Go ahead and call me names. I totally get that. But I have had my work directly stolen too when I was a vendor in SL. It sucks. An old friend once said to me, “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”.

My point is that Second Life is based on a system of anarchy. Linden Labs control only goes so far, and in order to play the game you really need to accept that. Look at it like a social-psychology experiment. It’s mayhem out there and this is no where near reality. There is no fucking Library of Congress that is going to swoop down and save the day. So get over yourselves, this imaginary obstacle and all this propaganda you’re producing.

Honestly, let’s just bygones be bygones and as ANDRE 3000 said, “you can go on and get the hell on – You and your mama.

That’s not to say that all designers supporting this protest are ego-maniacs. Granted, some are validation-whores and I even have their phone numbers. However, let’s add a dash of perspective to this nonsense and save the mob-mentality for another day.

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  1. A Snoodle says:

    Of course its a mob mentality. Thats what happens when you have people like the new Patron Saint of Copybotting, St. Tenshi leading the charge.

  2. DrkAngelle says:

    Omg!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I thought I was the only one feeling this way!

  3. Ivey says:

    I think the point of Achariya’s posts has been totally missed on this one. Most of us were against the boycott and wanted to use the format Acha chose to express our individual feelings about content theft and how to support each other. For most of us its about education and support for all designers. Not damaging businesses by boycotting and claiming to be trying to send a message to LL

  4. Tristan says:

    Look, I get what you’re trying to say here but for the most part, it’s very clear that you have NO concept as to what is even going on. How about next time, you wise up and inform yourself before you go on rants that essentially make you look ignorant. Are there designers that maybe should keep the superiority complex down, sure. Really, that’s the only thing you’ve got going for you. The rest is just downright ridiculous

  5. Sorry that you are angry about this, my ugly mug was in the mix too. So for whats its worth here how I see what is going on.

    The group “Stand Up!” was started over a month ago with the simple idea of running a few fun and informative events today to get the notion and impact of content theft out there. As an act of solidarity content creators were asked to not to do content uploads for the day. Not because anyone thinks its going to harm the Lindens, its just a unifying gesture.

    A few weeks ago another group “Artists Voice” formed and has called for a boycott on all $L transactions and more for 48 hours with the intent to send a “message” to SL. This includes a call to boycott buying from SL vendors, a move that only hurts designers and does not hurt the lindens in any way. Sadly they decided to do this on the same day as Step Up! efforts and this has lead to total confusion about what was going on, what group was asking for what, etc.

    Step Up! posted this to try and clarify that the two groups have nothing to do with each other…

    As far as I know most everyone that participated in Achariya’s photo shoot are of the Step up! mindset. Yes the Lindens could do more, but this is not an issue the Lindens can cure. We all need to do what we can to fight content theft in SL and Education as to what is going on so more of SL is informed is something everyone can help out with.

  6. achariya says:

    Ah, guys, she didn’t read what we were about. That’s okay — it was tl;dr for her probably. Plus, did you know that you, too, can totally join this? All you have to do is IM me and I’ll post a photo of you with whatever you want to say about the issue. How “pretentious” and “elite” is that? *g*

    I’m waiting for a more worthy adversary. Bring it on, my balls are made of steel.

  7. Roblem, Ivey, and others said it already so I won’t add anything other than, Acha, YOU ARE AWESOME.

  8. Do you need a cookie? ;)

    I love what Ach has been doing. I am sorry if participating made me look like a pretentious self-righteous validation-whore ego-maniac, but I would have done it again. She’s said again and again that she welcomes anyone who has something to say about the issue.
    As for your two points, I don’t get it. That’s not what content theft is about? Our main problem is copybot and the like that copies things texture by texture, prim by prim. And in that case, heck yes I will claim copyright when someone rips me off, be it a plain tanktop or a elaborate dress.

    Antie :)

  9. Rick says:

    People who make basic items and photosource deserve their content to be stolen from via copybot and distributed around the grid, causing not only their spirit to be crushed but profits taken away from their business? One of the many that drive this economy? Oh, okay then.

  10. @ Roblem

    In all honesty, there’s one thing that I don’t like much about this and it’s “Step Up! posted this to try and clarify that the two groups have nothing to do with each other…”
    In my (maybe idealistic and naive?) eyes they have ONE thing in common, and that they’re both working towards the same goal and against content theft.

    That’s what members of both groups should try and keep in mind before clicking on “submit” this or that snide post to try to make the other group look bad or worse than theirs. As a member of both group, all the mudslinging i’ve seen in the past few days from both sides of a fence *that should NOT exist* really saddened me.

    • OK clearly the groups have somethings in common such as an anti copying agenda having some members in common. I guess it would have been more accurate to say the groups are separate and not interrelated.

      I know you want to keep the focus on the message and so do I but when I see yet another confused blog post I choose to clarify things. Like it or not the AV group caused a lot of confusion by using the same day as Step Up! when they didn’t have to.

      If you see my post as “mudslinging” I’m sorry for that, but I just don’t see it that way. AV muddied the waters by using the same day to call for a boycott based agenda and Step Up! members and events (including the one on pulse we just finished) caught a lot of heat for the AV agenda.

      At winterstock there was a person shouting about support Step Up! and don’t buy anything. I IMed her about what was going on including the link I posted here. She thanked me for the clarification, turns out she was just another misinformed blogger.

  11. Fawn says:

    How can people standing up against content theft be bad? I just don’t get that. I have been to the website and looked through all the creators involved in the ‘Step Up!’ group. Are you really calling these people photo sourcers and claiming that they pull texture images from … dare i say… Prada and Gap photos?! You specifically pointed out this group of people, so you must be talking about them, correct? This post of yours has baffled me, I’m sure many others feel the same. The people involved in this group are supporting something positive, not negative… and their work, if you haven’t been to any of their shops, is amazing and very original. I don’t think you are a bitch, just very uneducated on the issue you have chosen to write about. Good job insulting some of the BEST fashion creators in SL.

  12. Jason says:

    I do hope that whatever you claim it copyrighted has been registered because without doing so, you have no legal grounds for infringement against anyone. See Circular 1, Copyright Basics, section “Copyright Registration.”

    Now how many SL creators have done that?

  13. Oh, finally says:

    I totally agree with you and thank you for this post because it is so funny, especially the first point :D I’m reading from 2 days post from so many designers cryng about their stuffs being stolen and acting like theft = rape O.o I’m not speaking about ALL designers out there, but just about those famous that source the hell out of the sims 2 for their skins (and after they say “oh, my work is original”) and those hand drawn gods that are so proud on plurk about their seams just because they have one plain color on their shirts. Many other designers, with REAL original contents are dealing with theft everyday, from years. They do the DMCA and are not cryng about this on every blogs every f* day. Those designers have all my respect.

    Sorry for my english, is not my first language.

  14. Zaira says:

    What does surprise me are the ‘designers’ who infringe on RL copyright, logos/designs etc who then scream about their IP

  15. I wrote about the everyday theft nobody talks about a few weeks back here:

  16. marls says:

    The only thing I would like to change about my post, now the morning after, is not use the word “slander” in my graphic. It reminds me too much of Ann Coulter that freaky neo-nazi bitch.

  17. kesseret says:

    I thought Achariya’s posts were poignant and very informative. I’m a member of Artist’s Voice and I support Step Up too! One can do both. I just want residents to be more educated about copyright infringement and being able to discern the difference and supporting the original and true content creator.

    That being said just making a ‘plain’ t-shirt is not as easy as you think if you want to make it look pretty good. Every blog post you write is automatically your copyright, even though my cat can walk across the keyboard and create a blogpost.

  18. Beulah says:

    Achariya’s posts were brilliant – i know someof the folk in the posts ( one is a very very close rl and sl friend) and they are NOT seeking anything more than to educate folk on what has been going on.
    I love Step Up and Artist Voice – we all need to do our bit against stealing – designers and shopping alike.
    You have really missed the point of all this and thats sad !

  19. ZenCho says:

    At last someone has had the guts to rant about this. I have read all the stuff about content theft within SL, but have not taken part in the boycott of buying stuff. I have ALWAYS brough from known designers in my whole time in SL (nearly 3 years now) I feel LL should come down on the people who copy harder, but hey they cancel or block an account and its too easy to make an alt and start again with the free account being so easy to set up. But saying that a lot of stuff you se in SL is ripped from RL designers anyway, so its a bit hypocritical to moan when you inworld content is stolen ( I will probally go to hell for posting this)

  20. marls says:

    HELL is a product of religious zealots. fuck ’em.

    I still love you ZenCho. Actually, I still adore most of the designers involved in this protest. I just started a blog to air what I was thinking…. hence…all of this.

  21. Fray says:

    “I’m A Bitch, Cunt, Whatever, For Writing this…
    Yes yes yes. Go ahead and call me names.”

    You’d like that too much.

  22. Astrid says:

    Thanks, Marleen, for adding a bit of pragmatism to the squall. I saw Achiriya’s posts and my biggest question was, “Huh…?” I mean, what is she educating us about? That someone can make moody photos? That she “knows” a lot of people? The designers speaking don’t have a consistent message. What exactly do they WANT? I still don’t get it.

    I still think the best campaign done was the graphic campaign about stealing the clothes off their backs. I wish someone would bring that one alive again and translate it into several languages and LL would use it.

    (PS To Whom It May Concern–Thanks for screwing up two days of my business by asking people not to shop or asking me not to upload. I actually DREW those textures and made those prims. And paid for the sim and software. You stole business from me. And I didn’t ask you to fight for me!)

    • Hey “Astrid” nice job in representing yourself. Lets see if you can work this out… it was a show case of designers with different takes on the issue and what action to be taken. Or really would you be more content with a cut and paste under each image. Ya that would make you rant less. (oh sorry a big sunrise or smiley face in the background would mesh better with your meds in general right???)

      “I wish someone would bring that one alive again and translate it into several languages and LL would use it” thats a great idea! I nominate you to do it! Nut up or shut up right???

  23. Ivey says:

    I wish people actually READ the posts and Achariya’s introduction and what the Step Up and Artist’s Choice groups actually are and their similarities and differences. These posts didn’t have ANYTHING TO DO WITH EITHER GROUP SPECIFICALLY OR THE BOYCOTTS! <—-READ THIS PART AGAIN. Come on people. Try to act like you actually know what you're bitching about. I was completely against the boycott and so were most of the people that participated in the project. It was done to get our FEELINGS out about content theft in hopes of educating people that don't know whats going on in SL be it the content theft in general or the organized campaigns regarding it. And to show support for each other. SO according to most of you, we should just shut up, do nothing and take it?
    Fuck that. Even if I don't participate in a foolish boycott or certain programs, I'm not going to be silent.

  24. Ivey says:

    Apologies for caps. I got hot. To explain what I believe the purpose of these posts were in a nutshell. Rather than attacking Linden Labs, rather than punishing customers, other designers with boycotts that hurt us all and the economy. We want to personalize ourselves I think. To show people they aren’t stealing from a big corporation or hacking a simple video game. That there are real people involved who work very hard. That copying their products equates to going into their home and lifting their wallet or purse or stealing their personal belongings. And you can justify that with well they steal programs or steal textures or ideas from RL however you want to, we know that’s not always true and isn’t in most cases. We as people who are stolen from and have friends who have had to deal with this problem have a right to our voice just like anyone else. If you don’t agree then don’t read it. But obviously several of you didn’t read it anyways. That’s it. I’m done with this. Moving on.

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